National Education Committee (NEC)

The National Education Committee (NEC) operates as a think tank, bringing together academics and practitioners and offers its advice on education issues to the national board and the chief executive officer.

The NEC’s overall goal is to contribute to the increased professionalism of public practice and to add value to membership. Specific objectives include:

  • To ensure that education in public relations is at a standard which maintains and enhances best practice
  • To support and encourage the ongoing development of the public relations body of knowledge
  • To facilitate cross-over of knowledge from academia to practice and vice-versa
  • To take a leadership role in education in the Asia Pacific Region

Julian Kenny, National Education Manager

Committee Members Include:

  • Mark Sheehan, FPRIA, Deakin University - Chair
  • Jim Macnamara, FPRIA, University of Technology Sydney
  • Leanne Glenny, FPRIA, University of South Australia
  • Maree Keating, MPRIA, Victoria University
  • Melanie James, MPRIA, University of Newcastle
  • Sally Bradfield, MPRIA, TAFE Sydney Institute
  • Amisha Mehta, MPRIA, Queensland University of Technology
  • Katharina Wolf, MPRIA, Curtin University
  • Umi Khattab, MPRIA, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Marianne Sison, FPRIA, RMIT University.

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National Education Committee (NEC)

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