World Public Relations Forum Research Colloquium - Call for Abstracts open

Theme: Communication Without Borders

This year, PRIA will host the 7th World Public Relations Forum in Melbourne from 18 to 20 November.

The forum includes a full-day research colloquium, and two-day conference program. It will bring together thought leaders, industry experts, researchers, educators, and delegates from around the world.

The forum aims to examine, explore and reflect on the impact of globalization on our profession within the context of rapid changes. As global communities merge and media systems converge, the boundaries within which we communicate are blurring and disappearing. The shifts in economic and political power present new challenges and opportunities for public relations and communication practitioners and scholars. Global issues such as climate change, health, food security, poverty reduction and transitioning democracies offer our discipline a much larger template in which to work. Stakeholders and audiences are not easily defined as they become more mobile, more media-savvy and more multicultural. Moreover, audiences are active ‘produsers’ of media messages in a world interconnected by advancing technologies.

It is within this context that we ask how organisations and individual practitioners respond to this new world without borders? How will universities prepare future practitioners for this shifting template? How do we connect and meaningfully engage with cultures that may otherwise be unfamiliar? Will English continue to be the lingua franca of the profession? How will public relations be positioned with advertising, marketing, public diplomacy and strategic communication? To what extent should the practice move from a ‘command and control’ to an ‘inform and influence’ model of communication? Will ethics and corporate social responsibility drive organisations to maintain their social license to operate? What is the role of public relations in society, and in engendering social change?

Academics and practitioners are invited to submit 500-word abstracts that address these questions or others that relate to the main conference theme. There is also an opportunity to submit 1500-word extended abstracts for consideration in published conference proceedings. Also, a special issue of the Asia-Pacific Public Relations Journal will publish selected papers from the colloquium. The Journal of Communication Management will also accept a limited number of papers. An international panel of scholars will review the submissions.

Selected abstracts will be considered for presentation in the research colloquium and the two-day conference. Please indicate if you have a preference.


23 January Submission of abstracts opens
29 February Submission of abstracts closes
15 April Notification of results
31 May Confirmation of acceptance of abstract and conference attendance
30 June Submission of extended abstracts and full papers due

Please submit your abstracts to If you have any queries, please contact Dr Marianne Sison, Chair, Academic Program Committee: