• Top ten issue and crisis stories

    Mon, May 30 2016

    This week saw the 150th issue of Managing Outcomes. To mark the occasion this Special Anniversary issue outside the usual two-weekly publishing schedule revisits our ten most popular issue and crisis stories over the last three years.  

  • Simple Hacks for PR leaders: ask for feedback

    Fri, May 27 2016

    There is a strong correlation between asking for feedback and the overall effectiveness of leaders. But  can you ask for feedback without risking your authority?

  • 5 Tips for Taking Advantage of the 2016 Social Commerce Boom

    Thu, May 26 2016

    If you run an eCommerce business or depend heavily on different online channels for generating sales, you need to be prepared for the social commerce boom we’re likely to witness in the next 12 months.
    Here are some of the trends you need to stay in line with in order to take advantage.

  • Building your own creative business: where to begin?

    Wed, May 25 2016

    For some creative professionals, working for yourself is the ultimate dream. There’s no big boss to answer to, there are no set working hours and you have complete freedom over the creative projects you choose to do. Yet going it alone can be a tough challenge, one that requires a lot of patience and perseverance if you wish to succeed. Having talent is ultimately the first step, but this will not be enough alone to start a successful creative business. Instead there are many important details to consider like where to find funding and understanding the legal obstacles that you may have to face. When starting something new it can seem impossible to know where to begin but to help you get a good beginning with your own creative business read our useful tips below.

  • Four Ways Michelle Obama Rules Social Media: And How You Can, Too

    Tue, May 24 2016

    15 million Facebook likes. 4.3 million Instagram followers. 4.17 Twitter followers. 470,000Vine followers. Since she took her place in the White House in 2009, our First Lady, Michelle Obama, has had quite the powerful social media presence, to say the least. Through her thousands of posts, tweets and status updates, the FLOTUS has been crafting messages that appeal to a variety of audiences. Want to become a social media maven like our First Lady? 

  • Food fault fraud and the risk to reputation

    Mon, May 23 2016

    Fraudulent claims about alleged problems with food are a very real risk to reputation, and social media has made it even easier to create fakes. So how should companies respond to protect the brand?

  • 3 ways you can blend creativity and productivity

    Sat, May 21 2016

    Business leaders today are obsessed about productivity! What they are concerned more about is to achieve maximum output from their sub-ordinates or employees. They believe it is the key to achieve excellence and great source for profit maximisation.

  • Doing a Rebrand Right

    Fri, May 20 2016

    If you’ve never rebranded a company before, it’s tempting to believe that it will be a fun process. After all, you get to pick out colours, fonts, and logos. You’ll get a new explainer video, have a launch party, and design t-shirts. That sounds exciting!

    Anyone who has rebranded a company before knows better. These fun parts are actually a very small portion of the actual rebranding process, and the important parts - like research, communications, and internal marketing - can be painful if you don’t know what to expect.

  • Cannes PR Lions Jury: Interview with Mandy Galmes, Fuel Communications

    Thu, May 19 2016

    PRIA heard the fantastic news of Mandy Galmes, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Fuel Communications, being announced as a Cannes PR Lions Jury member. Congratulations to Mandy, a PRIA member, on this great achievement. Inside is an interview with Mandy on her appointment. 

    "It’s a real privilege to be selected as the Australian representative on the PR Jury for the 2016 Cannes Lions. As one of 20 judges, my role is to review a record number of award submissions representing some of the boldest, most creative and biggest impact earned media campaigns from across the world in the past 12 months."

    Read more inside.

  • Thank you all for a wonderful four years at PRIA

    Thu, May 19 2016

    Well. What can I say? It comes with great sadness that I am announcing to you today that I will be leaving my post at the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

    After almost four years working for PRIA in various positions and locations, the time has come for me to pass the baton on to the next wave of warriors to carry the flag forward. 

  • YouGov polls the most admired people in the world

    Wed, May 18 2016

    YouGov, the leading global polling and research firm, polled a total of 31,000 people across 30 countries to see who are the most admired person in the world and each respective country in 2016. 

  • PR then & now

    Wed, May 18 2016

    When I started in PR in 1997, the online version was a nice-to-have, we blast-faxed press releases and mailed hard copy press kits. In the mid-2000s, bloggers threw this approach on its head (see the infographic at the end of this piece) by shortening deadlines, expanding news reporting to all hours of the day, breaking embargoes and having sharp opinions. In 2011, there were 164 million blogs, up from 3 million in 2006.

    Facebook debuted in 2004, and social media made it possible for organizations to have conversations more directly with their audiences. Today, Facebook has one billion active monthly users and Twitter has 200 million. Social media moved PR metrics from impressions to engagement and influence. And now, social media is once again fundamentally changing the news as we know it. The opportunity for successful PR campaigns has never been greater, but the old tactics don't work anymore.

  • Make time to be a thought leader in PR and Communication

    Tue, May 17 2016

    When PR leaders start saying 'we tried that and it didn't work' they become the barrier to innovation.

    The longer you lead a communications team the danger grows that you default automatically to what's worked in the past. Of course the past is where your successes lie but it becomes a problem when it stifles the creativity of your staff and fails you for the  future.

    Read more inside.

  • Your privacy matters

    Mon, May 16 2016

    PRIA has proudly joined OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) as a Privacy Awareness Week 2016 Partner. In the following week, we’ll be reinforcing the message that organisations, agencies and individuals must be vigilant in maintaining a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities for the handling of personal information. This is why I think it’s a good moment to consider if we are sharing too much of ourselves online and how those platforms we use manage the personal information we are giving them.

    Do you ever check what your info is used for?

  • Will the Olympics maximise the media profile of key sponsors?

    Thu, May 12 2016

    As the Olympic torch finally arrives in Rio, the countdown to the Games of the XXXI Olympiad is underway.  Despite the somewhat tarnished reputation that many sports have suffered following recent scandals, the Olympics still commands huge global viewing figures and vast sums from commercial sponsorship.  But is it worth the money?  LexisNexis looked at how the media profile of some key sponsors is changing in the run up to Rio2016.
    According to the International Olympic Committee, sponsorship accounts for 35% of the organisation's revenue – significantly more than ticketing revenues and only eclipsed by the sale of broadcasting rights.

  • Turning the page to digital-only news

    Wed, May 11 2016

    At first we had projections of the paperless office. It was talked about as though the introduction of computers into workplaces would make it happen almost overnight.
    It didn’t, of course. But it was a big change that picked up momentum, and it has by and large become reality.
    Now we have the rise of newspaperless news. It’s far from happening overnight in Australia and New Zealand, or anywhere else. But it’s picking up momentum everywhere.

  • A serious gap in crisis preparedness

    Tue, May 10 2016

    So, what is the role of the Board in crisis management? New research suggests it’s not well enough understood and needs a lot more attention. And the view from the Board Room shows a worrying vulnerability around crisis preparedness and prevention. 

  • Journalists Speak Out: Brand Corporate Newsrooms Are Failing to Meet R

    Mon, May 09 2016

    Just 1 in 20 Media Scribes Say Newsrooms Are Currently Sufficient

    New research from digital communications platform ISEBOX shows that the provision of digital newsrooms by communications professionals is not meeting the needs of journalists. The survey indicates that just a mere 6% of journalists polled say that digital newsrooms meet their expectations—with lack of access to useful contact information and multimedia content being the biggest deficiencies.

  • Tips for communication students and graduates

    Fri, May 06 2016

    Even if you are in your latest years of university or you recently graduated, it’s time to start thinking about what the in-house communication departments and consultancies look for in their candidates and build your professional profile. You might think having a good-looking resume is enough but, thanks to social media, brand managers are looking deeper nowadays.

    With the financial crisis that has been concerning many of the world’s largest countries, we have been witness to waves of immigrants moving to other countries looking for better work opportunities. Australia has become one of those countries receiving students and professionals that believe they might have a bigger shot to succeed here; where there are big companies offering ample opportunities in different fields. This is especially important for communication students and graduates because they see Australia as an emerging power that grows fast and has a huge market to develop great communication techniques.

  • Why PR people should be great leaders

    Thu, May 05 2016

    Last week I asked 40 communicators to nominate a communicator-leader they admired.The room feel silent and only two people raised their hands. I was stunned. Surely there must be more, because PR specialists have leadership skills in profusion.

  • Male speakers about the discrimination in the all-male panels

    Wed, May 04 2016

    Last week, the international payments company PayPal decided to hold an all-male panel to discuss the gender equality in the work place. Isn’t it ironic? They want to talk about women and men but they just invite male representatives to the chat. They pretend to bring some clarity to the discrimination situation that exists in the professional world, but they forgot to invite women to have this talk? Isn’t it this discrimination in itself?

  • Meet the mentors in New South Wales

    Tue, May 03 2016

    We are excited to that PRIA’s mentoring program is back for a second round helping practitioners find mentoring matches to help them get ahead both personally and professionally.

    We don’t need to tell you how important it is to continue to widen your industry expertise, to fine-tune skills and meet each new challenge with confidence.

    Mentorship will make you more valuable to your team, your clients or company, and the profession. It will also keep you interested and interesting. Mentoring is an incredibly rewarding experience and is important no matter if you’re a fresh Account Executive or a seasoned Managing Director.

    Ahead of our speed match mentoring event on Wednesday 8 June, we wanted to take the opportunity to allow you to get to know another  three of our esteemed mentors.

  • Telum Talks To… Simon Holt, Editor-in-Chief, Brisbane Times

    Mon, May 02 2016

    Can you tell us about “101 ways to connect with modern newsrooms”?
    The book is a journey into the heads of journalists and editors, how they make decisions in a fast-moving environment, and the things which influence the way they do their work, both inside and outside the newsroom.

    Read more inside.

  • Today Telum  Media Talks To... Gary Nunn, Director of Communications

    Sat, Apr 30 2016

    Today Telum  Media Talks To... Gary Nunn, Director of Communications at Change.org about how the modern PR team works.

  • 19 hacks to Piktochart for budding graphic designers

    Fri, Apr 29 2016

    Most online tools have their little quirks and hacks that you typically find in one of two ways: either by accident, after hours spent in the tool; or because someone told you where to look and what to look for.

    Piktochart is no different. Even after working here for almost two years, I still have those a-ha! moments every now and then. I rush to tell people about it, only to find out my hidden secret has been out there for a while.

  • The Perfect Pitch…How to Write a Good Press Release

    Thu, Apr 28 2016

    Throughout my career, I have worked as a journalist and producer in busy national newsrooms. I’ve frantically had to meet tight deadlines. I understand how a newsroom works.  The rise of a competitive 24-hour news cycle combined with cost-cutting measures across the industry is putting today’s journalists, editors and producers under considerable strain.

  • The new consumer power in a communication led world

    Wed, Apr 27 2016

    In the last few years, we have witnessed how technology development has influenced consumer behaviour and started to take more control. While ten years ago, traditional commercials dominated the media and appealed to the consumers’ emotions leading them to buy the products they were advertising, today’s scene is very different. There is more “x” in the equation now; more factors that we need to consider when we launch a campaign if we want to cause a real effect in our target markets.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Building a CV

    Tue, Apr 26 2016

    When applying for a job, it is vital that you have prepared a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) that conveys your academic qualifications, employment background and key skills to your potential employer. Many candidates underestimate the value of a strong CV and, as a result, they significantly hinder their chances of acquiring their preferred job. Irrespective of whether you have just finished your academic studies or whether you have worked in your preferred field of industry for several years, your CV needs to present a bold and clear message to your potential employers. This is where the following guide can help. From explaining the key elements of your CV and learning how to explain a gap on your CV, to demonstrating a step-by-step guide on how to write a competent CV, this valuable resource will equip you with all you need to know in order to successfully represent yourself via your CV thereby substantially improving your employability prospects.

  • Letter from one of the most powerful women to her daughter

    Wed, Apr 20 2016

    “I believe in fate but I also believe that hard work and diligence plays a very important role in our lives. In a larger sense, we all write our own destiny. Take destiny in your own hands, dream of what you want to achieve, and write it in your own way. As you go ahead in life, I want you to climb the path to success one step at a time. Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete."

  • Why interactive content needs to be part of your marketing strategy

    Tue, Apr 19 2016

    Producing more engaging content is the number one challenge for B2B marketers. Yet for some reason most people are still playing a numbers game and ramping up production – global spending is expected to reach $313 billion in 2019, which would mean investment has virtually doubled within five years.

    With all the blog posts, videos, e-books and emails your audience is bombarded with every day, actually capturing their attention is harder than ever. The answer to this problem isn’t to keep churning out more content, but you don’t want to stop creating altogether. You need to look for formats that actively engage your audience and allow them to connect with your brand on a personal level.

  • Clever words are no substitute for apology and remorse

    Mon, Apr 18 2016

    When a company’s reputation is under attack is not the time for weasel words and clever phrasing to make the situation look not quite so bad.

  • What will PR look like in 2020?

    Tue, Apr 05 2016

    Tim Hughes Writes…

    What will public relations look like in the next five years?

    I delivered a speech on this topic recently to the South Australian Marketing Summit, with my personal view being that a dominant place in the future marketing mix for the PR sector is ours to lose.

    The re-shaped PR industry has the potential to ‘own’ strategic communication and reputation, and that means having significant influence over the work of advertising agencies, marketing agencies and digital agencies – possibly including taking some of their work from them.

  • Reputation crisis? Time to stop blaming the intern

    Mon, Apr 04 2016

    It’s no secret that social media crises can shred reputation. So why do organisations keep giving interns and junior staff the keys to drive online activity?

  • PR Insights PR newsletter - March edition is out!

    Fri, Apr 01 2016

    On the cover: Lisa Burling, LBPR launches global leading “Catalyst”.

    Other stories include: less than 15 tickets left for PRIA conference special, NSW Mentor Program open again, REMINDER: Research Symposium call for abstracts, PR lessons from the Pope, The (kinda) definitive A-Z of PR speak, our sincere thanks to Ian Dymock LFPRIA, Peter FitzSimons AM to speak on 'republic' at Sydney event, Vivid Ideas is back in Sydney, Kite Trends Report: Issue 2, development grants for Women in Media extended plus lots more inside. 

  • Our sincere thanks to Ian Dymock LFPRIA

    Thu, Mar 31 2016

    PRIA would like to thank Ian Dymock for his tireless commitment to the PRIA, in the myriad of formal positions that he has held across many decades.

  • PR lessons from the Pope

    Wed, Mar 30 2016

    Pope Francis. Photo: Miriam Pelusi

    The Catholic Church is experiencing a resurrection as a once-austere institution turns into a living community.

    Three years into his papacy, Pope Francis presents a PR crisis management case and a manifesto for modern public relations.

    Yet the Pope is only seen as a great communicator. I will argue that he is singlehandedly elevating the role of PR around the world.

    Pope Francis is creating a new genre: immersive PR – and elevating it to a divine art.

    Read more inside.

  • C= craic: PRIA's Neil O’Sullivan in the #CommsCorner

    Tue, Mar 29 2016

    Neil O’Sullivan is an Irishman, an award-winning communications professional, National Marketing and Communication Manager and 2IC at the PRIA. He has worked for an experiential marketing agency focusing on branding, FMCG, event strategies and product development, and has spent almost 10 years working in communications for not-for-profits; now drawing on his extensive experience for PRIA members.

    He is also a founding member of the Light Ball Sydney, an 800 person charity ball helping tackle suicide and also features on the committee of the Darkness into Light annual charity walk. When not writing or running a campaign, Neil is dominating the football pitch with the Dunbar Rovers. 

    He was also featured in Piktochart’s 2015 #userstory campaign on ‘Digital Brand Storytelling’ and B&T’s Movember campaign. Catch him on Insta @neilosul, Twitter @neilosul or on LinkedIn.

    Read more inside.


    Tue, Mar 22 2016


    Popular video messaging application Snapchat launched its Discovery feature early last year to allow media giants – from Cosmo to CNN – to program their own daily video content feeds on a function called ‘Discover’. According to Recode, Snapchat is now planning to let users subscribe to their favourite Discover channels to more easily access their preferred content.

    The move reinforces how important sharp, dynamic and real-time content is for consumers – many Discover channel videos are interactive and an average of 3-5 seconds per Snap. A Kite team fave is Nat Geo’s channel.

  • A Guide To Managing Your Business Reputation

    Mon, Mar 21 2016

    Do you run a small business? Do you have negative comments about your business? In any industry, reputation is the key to whether you’ll be successful or not. A good reputation can not only enhance customer interaction and sales but can also increase your overall revenue and profit. A bad reputation however can cause a cascading effect, and can damage your business in many ways. So how do you manage your business reputation to maintain your integrity with your customers and potential clients. The following is a complete guide on how to manage your business reputation.

  • When celebrity sponsorship becomes a brand issue

    Fri, Mar 18 2016

    Maria Sharapova’s drug scandal is a crisis for the world’s highest paid female sports star. But it also raises major issue management challenges for her big brand sponsors and any other companies with high profile celebrity sponsorships.

  • Big data equals big communication

    Thu, Mar 17 2016

    Scientists love big data. The big numbers, the big ideas, the big complex equations and the way out of all that noise comes the clarity of big picture research, like a television set slowly being tuned in.

    But all that big data can be terrifying for people who are not scientists and who left school a decade ago and were never that much good at mathematics anyway.

  • The (kinda) definitive A-Z of PR speak

    Wed, Mar 16 2016

    Don't let a few weird and wonderful words throw you off balance in your first comms role.  Here's a list - and it's growing daily! - of some of the most popular terms and phrases PR people use. Feel free to comment with any extras!

  • The Italian Umberto Eco’s contribution to PR thinking

    Tue, Mar 15 2016

    Celebrating the life of Italian academic and writer Umberto Eco means valuing his kaleidescopic achievements.

    As a many-sided intellectual he turned his attention to many different topics including PR, media, culture and communication.

    He offered up the key of our me-media era: the idea of a mobile and interconnected culture for everyone.

  • How not to handle a PR disaster

    Fri, Mar 11 2016

    Thanks the Australian Financial Review for sharing this infographic. 
    2. DENY AND DEFLECT When confronted, minimise your role in the problem and then cover your embarrassment with anger and faux-outrage.
    1. PRETEND IT’S NOT HAPPENING Ignore bad publicity when you first hear about it, with luck it will go away.
    5. GRAB A CLICHE BAG When rumbled beyond doubt, rote-read a generic apology. Read it for the first time in front of media. Say it like you don’t believe it.
    3. STONEWALL Don’t engage with any media to explain. When doorstopped, say: “No Comment!”
    6. DO NOT SHOW CONTRITION Never meaningfully right your wrongs and continue with your erroneous ways. After all, any publicity is good publicity... right?
    4. DON’T DO ANY RESEARCH Don’t talk to anyone who disagrees with you and make no attempt to gauge stakeholder and public sentiment.
    Source: Gerry McCusker, Engage ORM
    Illustration: Angelo Vlachoulis
  • Putting the passion back into PR

    Thu, Mar 10 2016

    Opinion piece from Michelle Prak.

    In the controlled world of modern PR, is there a role for passion or even anger? Michelle Prak makes a case for wearing your heart on your sleeve.

    Where does emotion feature in a corporate crisis?

    It’s a question I’ve been asking myself recently, following Unley Council’s parking fees stoush with the Transport Department and reactions to food writer John Lethlean’s review of the Hill of Grace restaurant.

  • PR and activations - a match made in heaven

    Tue, Mar 08 2016

    I’ve observed, participated in, and helped implement some excellent campaigns integrating PR and activations. Though the two are different disciplines with different end goals, when paired together strategically they can form a seamlessly integrated campaign.

  • Combating data fatigue: the future of data vis

    Mon, Mar 07 2016

    It is with great pride and enthusiasm that
    we share with you today our new ebook, 
    'Combating data fatigue: the future of datavis'

  • Getting to grips with social media influencers

    Sat, Mar 05 2016

    I recently had the opportunity of working on a major social media campaign for one of our travel clients. The aim of the campaign was to engage a selection of social media influencers to help stimulate conversations about our client among millennials. In exchange for their social media posts, we provided the influencers with a trendy travel experience.

  • February 'PR Insights' is out with Nat Pres Jenny Muir on the cover

    Fri, Mar 04 2016

    We chat with new National President Jenny Muir FPRIA, Funding grants for women in PR, Call for abstracts for 2016 Research Symposium, Friday night PRinks event with Lexis Nexis in Sydney tomorrow at the Loft, NEPG VIC: are you ready for PR in 2016, 2016 PRIA National Conference theme 'Communication Innovation', Free webinar on stakeholders, collaboration and challenging problems, Awards, awards, awards: IPRA, PRWeek and 40th Golden Target Awards and 2016 Fellow: nominations needed plus lots more...

  • How not to handle a bus crash crisis

    Wed, Mar 02 2016

    A bush crash in suburban South Melbourne has proved a major blow to the operator’s reputation, and a harsh lesson in how not to manage a crisis. 

  • VIC’s New Emerging Practitioners: are you ready for PR in 2016?

    Wed, Mar 02 2016

    With my media pitch ready and an excellent case study to boot, I began chatting away to the journalist. She stopped me mid-way and asked if she called me for this case study. After telling her no, she promptly hung up the phone.

    While this wasn’t the outcome I wanted, I was actually one step closer to forming a connection with this journalist. You may be set back a few times but persevere as this is just a typical day working in PR.

  • Media & PR Sector Women’s Leadership Grants

    Tue, Mar 01 2016

    In 2015, Public Relations Institute of Australia supported the National Industry Scholarship Grant Initiative. This initiative supported hundreds of women in achieving their goals of personal and professional development, leadership and management.  The Hon. Julia Gillard praised the initiative for its important role in enabling the advancement of women into higher levels of leadership at the 2015 Australian Awards for Excellence in Women’s Leadership in Sydney. The initiative has helped with gender diversity across all industry sectors in the areas of leadership and management from aspiring leaders to senior managers to directors and CEO’s.  

  • Participation + Representation = PRIA Value

    Thu, Feb 25 2016

    Almost two weeks into the job as PRIA National President and already members are contacting me to share your thoughts about the priorities for PRIA. These can best be categorised as:

    1. The need for PRIA to become a more proactive organisation;
    2. Connecting with peers and industry leaders to grow your knowledge and advance your career; and
    3. Help to ensure our profession’s expertise is accurately valued, by building our reputation for delivering outstanding returns on investment.
  • Crisis management for small business

    Mon, Feb 22 2016

    A crisis can affect any business – no matter how small. Everyone’s definition of crisis varies but one thing is common: that it’s an event that is beyond the scope of normal business life with the potential to damage your reputation.

    If you think your business is too small to warrant a crisis management plan, then you may risk unravelling a lot of brand value and marketing effort.

  • A message from the Global Alliance Chair Gregor Halff

    Fri, Feb 19 2016

    The Global Alliance is proud to present you the first ever Global Communications Report jointly conducted with the University of Southern California’s Center for Public Relations , the Holmes Report, the Institute for Public Relations, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, the PR Council, the Worldcom PR Group and PRSA

  • Australia as a Petri dish for international issues

    Thu, Feb 18 2016

    Anyone who doubts the reach of international issue management need only ask why America’s powerful National Rifle Association is so keen to discredit the effectiveness of gun control 8,000 miles away in Australia.

  • SEO for PRs: a basic guide for greater client success

    Wed, Feb 17 2016

    Forward-thinking PR agencies are quickly learning that by adding comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) to their range of services they can differentiate themselves from their competition and deliver significant additional value to their clients.

    As an SEO, my work with these agencies has increased in line with this development.

  • 4 ways to boost your conversion rates with content

    Mon, Feb 15 2016

    Terms like ‘engagement’ and ‘brand awareness’ are constantly being thrown around your marketing department. Although they have an important place in your strategy, there’s danger in over-emphasising them. After all, your boss couldn’t care less if your Twitter followers increased or your latest blog post got 100 shares. You need to find ways of driving real business value.


  • Kite Trends Report- Issue 1

    Wed, Feb 03 2016

    Welcome to the very first Trends Report, from our consumer and challenger brand agency, Kite, sister agency to Sefiani. 

    As we ring in the New Year, our talented and creative team at Kite wanted to share their favourite and most intriguing industry trends.

    From ‘Healthy Hotels’ to the evolution of brand journalism, it’s definitely going to be an interesting year ahead.

    If any of these ideas excite you, our Kite team would love to talk about how they might be applied to your business.

    Enjoy, and please let us know what you think! 

  • Are you ready for cyber risk tsunami

    Tue, Feb 02 2016

    Cyber incidents have emerged as the fastest growing business risk in 2016, and damage to reputation is now the single greatest economic loss they cause.

    It’s not often that experts agree, but the cyber risk tsunami is recognised around the world as one of the most dangerous sources of organisational and reputational crises.

  • "Quo Vadis" from our immediate past president, Mike Watson FPRIA

    Fri, Jan 29 2016

    Ahead of PRIA’s 12 February Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), to formally elect its next president and deputy, I’m transitioning into the institute’s first immediate past president since 2013, in readiness for 2016 and beyond.

    With the joy and success of PRIA’s transformation conference at Hobart’s Constitution Dock still rippling, there’s an always popular Perth national conference just nine months away, when I’ll also swan on to Margaret River.

  • PR Masterclass a hit again in Sydney and Melbourne

    Thu, Jan 28 2016

    January saw the fourth iteration of the PRIA Summer Masterclass Series in Sydney. As with previous years, we’ve also been able to roll the masterclass series out to various cities across the country. This summer this event also hit Melbourne and both three-day intensives ran at the same time, based on the same program content.

  • Australia Day and Being Australian in 2016

    Tue, Jan 26 2016

    26 January is fast approaching and people across the country have been debating on the name and the meaning on the day for years. YouGov, as a global polling and research firm, has run a survey recently to investigate the public perception of 26th January, and how Australians like their new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

    YouGov is a valued partner of PRIA and we are delighted to give you an advanced preview of the survey results in celebration of the day that is today, Australia Day.

  • Perfect PR by a 'little girl' called Dasha

    Mon, Jan 25 2016

    Some might say that good PR is like good tennis; you need to know when to use a bit of spin to get the results you want. But that's just press agentry. Really holistic Public Relations helps create authentic, accountable, ongoing relationships that're assisted by authentic, accountable and ongoing communications.

  • Canon unveils BLANK, the fourth creative experiment video from The Lab

    Thu, Jan 21 2016

    Mental blanks are common place for creatives – especially when inspiration is low and ideas are sparse. So what can six photographers do when they are challenged to undertake a creative photo shoot in an entirely blank room?

  • Issue management demands plain English

    Wed, Jan 20 2016

    A few weeks ago a Melbourne metropolitan newspaper thought it would be clever to poke fun at a city council for promoting ’plain English.’

    The Herald Sun reported that the Monash City Council had been “ridiculed” after revealing plans to hire a communications expert to help the council explain complex zoning proposals to ratepayers in plain English.

  • Google ranks #1 in YouGov's 2015 Best Brand Ranking for Australia

    Tue, Jan 19 2016

    YouGov, as a global leading polling and research firm, has just published the 2015 Best Brand Ranking for Australia based on YouGov BrandIndex data. Google is ranked top with the highest buzz score of 28.4 in 2015, while YouTube and Aldi are ranked second and third!

    Inside are the top 10 brands ranked by our survey participants for your reference.

  • Why Lazy Job Applications Get Ignored

    Mon, Jan 18 2016

    Our friend Sputnik, Australia’s favorite job hunt expert, is back with more great career advice.

    An award winning creative and brand consultant, he’s also the creator of the Job Hunter’s Boot Camp and the author of “The Swashbucklers Guide to Becoming an Astronaut.”

    Make sure you're not lazy when you're on the hunt for work!

  • The Periodic Table of Internal Communication

    Fri, Jan 15 2016

    Chuck Grose and the people at ICology have produced an entertaining ‘periodic table’ of the elements in internal communication. Loosely based on a periodic table in chemistry, the chart shows the main activities in the 7 elements of Strategy, Objectives, Themes, Audiences, Formats, Channels, and Metrics. Very colourful and worth having a look.

  • 5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Brand Get PR

    Mon, Jan 11 2016

    Step up your marketing efforts and change the way you deliver campaigns by investing in social media. Regardless if you’re a start-up or an established one, utilising social media is a must in this digital age.

  • 5 ways to fix the problem facing crisis exercises

    Wed, Jan 06 2016

    Crisis simulation exercises are a staple tool of management training. They force executives to test how good their crisis management capability really is. And they help promote leadership and team-building.  But they have one major problem.

  • PR Insights for the communication industry - December Edition

    Wed, Dec 23 2015

    PRIA EGM, PRIA invests in growth, Latrobe Uni given award, MSG from Global Alliance, PRinks is back in Syd, bright future for PRIA in NT, NSW Xmas party a real Dress for Success & new speakers added to masterclasses in Jan! 

  • Don't let red flags ignored become crises ensured

    Thu, Dec 17 2015

    Sometimes it takes a human disaster to make management pay attention to red flags and other warning signs of impending crises.

    A case in point is this month’s report into the AirAsia Airbus crashing into the sea off Indonesia a year ago. Accident investigators found the cause was human error triggered by a maintenance fault which had occurred 23 times in the previous 12 months. Little wonder the BBC called the report: ”Anatomy of an avoidable crash.”

  • Human Resource industry has greatest work-life balance

    Tue, Dec 15 2015

    Human Resource practitioners are taking a leaf from their own book, with the industry’s workers happiest with their work-life balance1, a recent SEEK Learning report shows.   

    The SEEK Learning Defining Work-Life Balance Report, which investigates the work-life balance status of industries across Australia, reveals 71 per cent of Human Resource professionals rank their work-life balance as excellent or good, ahead of Real Estate and Property (67 per cent). Marketing and Communications appears to polarise people, with over half of employees very happy with their work-life balance, sitting alongside 17 per cent of employees who rate it as poor or terrible.   

  • Organisational Listening-The Missing Essential in Public Communication

    Mon, Dec 14 2015

    Organisations need an ‘architecture of listening’ to balance their architectures of speaking and spin. 

    A research study has found that organisations – including government, corporate, non-government and some non-profit organisations – listen “sporadically, selectively, and sometimes not at all” to citizens, stakeholders and publics.   

  • 2016 – The year we go virtual: Hotwire Communication Trends Report

    Fri, Dec 11 2015

    Brands looking to bridge emotion and fact will turn to VR, says Hotwire in 2016 Communications Trends Report. 

    Virtual real-life experiences, the primacy of third-party channels, and campaigns that deliver usefulness, are all set to be the major trends for marketers in the coming year, according to Hotwire’s seventh annual Communications Trends Report.  

  • Notes from Nairobi - a message from the Global Alliance Chair

    Thu, Dec 10 2015

    Notes from Nairobi - November 2015 saw the first World Conference on Public Relations in Emerging Economies. The Public Relations Society of Kenya - a member of the Global Alliance – had invited the professional community and around 400 delegates gathered in Nairobi, mainly from Africa, Latin America, and Asia.  Regional leaders (like Esther Cobbah, Amith Prabhu, and Alex Malouf) mixed with global voices (like Paul Holmes and Lord Chadlington) and functional experts (like Moses Alobo, Michal Wronski and Qureish Noordin). 

  • New PRIA Fellow Susan Redden Makatoa champions agile working

    Wed, Dec 09 2015

    Susan Redden Makatoa, Ogilvy PR’s group managing director of corporate, has capped off 2015 with the implementation of the firm’s newest initiative - agile working.
    The flexible working policy is another win for Redden Makatoa, and follows her recent elevation to a Fellow of The Public Relations Institute of Australia, having received her certificate at the annual dinner of the College of Fellows this October.

  • Meet PRIA's Membership Machine for the PR and communication industry

    Mon, Dec 07 2015

    At PRIA, we are very proud of our long history and where we come from over the past 66 years. However, we've also seen a huge change in the PR landscape, particularly in the past few years. Society as a whole is moving so fast and continues to grow exponentially. PRIA and its offerings is no different. We understand the importance and relevance of moving forward in today's industry and to have an adaptable and dynamic approach to our business model.

  • Why CEO reputation is critical in a crisis

    Fri, Dec 04 2015

    Nothing destroys reputation faster than an issue or crisis mismanaged, and new research reinforces that CEO performance and leadership is critical in determining reputation.

  • PRIA ‪PR & Communication‬ Insights November Newsletter is out!

    Thu, Dec 03 2015

    Our ‪#‎PR‬ Insights November Newsletter is out!

    Stories inside: Mentor Program launches, say hello to PRIA's membership machine, Summer Masterclass is back in Melbourne and Sydney, free ethics helpline available for PRIA members, Isentia social media courses, Mindframe survey on suicide closes this Friday, end-of-year celebration events in each state, wellness retreats and more...

  • 3 compelling reasons to benchmark your competition

    Wed, Dec 02 2015

    The age old adage that you shouldn't compare yourself to others rarely rings true in business. After all, while internal improvements are all well and good in their own right, it's the performance of your industry peers that will really dictate your success or failure. Why? Well, simply put, clients don't really care for how an organisation has bettered its inward-facing processes and will always be more interested in where they can obtain a superior quality product or service. This, in turn, ultimately gives greater exposure and engagement to brands that outperform competition.  

  • Bringing it back to 'first principles'

    Tue, Dec 01 2015

    I recently heard a speech by Jill Margo, accomplished author and men’s health columnist for the Australian Financial Review, at the Sydney Institute.

    Talking about her latest book, Frank Lowy: A Second Life, Margo highlighted Frank Lowy’s ability to ask the most basic questions, which often reframed a business issue or economic development, and referred to this as bringing the discussion back to ‘first principles.’

    Read more inside.

  • How we helped a medical victim tell her story

    Sat, Nov 28 2015

    It takes a lot of anger, determination and courage for an individual to step forward into the media spotlight to tell a story about something terrible that has happened to them, when they want to see the law changed to ensure others aren’t placed in a similar situation and suffer the same humiliation and distress.

    But that is exactly what Brieana (not her real name) decided to do some months after finding out that a theatre nurse had taken an explicit photo of her private parts while under a general anaesthetic for a cancer test. After all legal avenues were exhausted (it is not a criminal offence in NSW to take a photo of someone’s genitals without their consent unless it is done for the purposes of sexual gratification) Brieana decided to speak out.

    Read more inside.

  • Top 4 ways to impress during your PR internship

    Thu, Nov 26 2015

    So you’ve scored your first PR internship. Congratulations! Now all you need to do is learn how to navigate this new territory. Here are four sure fire ways to make a fantastic (or terrible) impression during your internship.

    Click inside for the full article from Sefiani Communications.

  • Taxi industry breaks rule # 1: Don't do dumb stuff

    Mon, Nov 16 2015

    There’s an old saying in the PR industry that when things go wrong the most useful all-purpose phrase is “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” But there are some strategies which were never a good idea. And issue management rule # 1 is “Don’t do dumb stuff.”

  • PRIA and Mindframe partnership: You are invited to participate in a re

    Wed, Nov 11 2015

    You are invited to participate in a research project that is looking at the views and attitudes regarding communication about suicide held by public relations and communication professionals in Australia.

  • Wieck's 2015 PR Perceptions vs. Media Relations survey results

    Tue, Nov 10 2015

    Warren Kirby, CEO of Wieck delivered the third and latest findings from the 2015 PR Perceptions vs. Media Relations survey results with some very interesting findings at PRIA's National Conference in Tasmania last month.

  • Honoured to be awarded 2015 PR Educator of the Year by PR industry

    Fri, Nov 06 2015

    University of Newcastle teaching excellence is again in the spotlight with Communication Senior Lecturer, Dr Melanie James, named Australia’s “PR Educator of the Year” at the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s (PRIA) National Golden Target Awards held last night in Hobart. A short video was filmed by Dr James’ students and was shown on the awards night as Melanie took to the stage to accept her award – click inside to view more.

  • What can we learn from Michelle Payne's win at the Melbourne Cup

    Wed, Nov 04 2015

    In this opinion piece, I am arguing that we are not doing enough to give women the opportunity to hold leadership positions across every sector, something needs to change.

    I have to admit, I got goosebumps yesterday when I realised it was the only lady in the field, Michelle Payne, who had won the 155th Melbourne Cup.

    But what does Michelle's win mean? To me, even as an non-racing fan, I can still appreciate it was an amazing achievement. What I did take from it though, with particular thoughts towards our own industry and a 75% female membership demographic here at PRIA, was wonder around how she did it? In such a male-dominant industry, what did it take for her to rise to the top? 

  • Refugee activists show how to focus an issue campaign

    Mon, Nov 02 2015

    A small human rights advocacy group has shown that quiet, behind-the-scenes pressure on carefully selected targets can achieve more than high-profile stunts and street demonstrations which feature on the nightly news.

  • PRIA National Conference: #PRIAConf15 Day three round up

    Wed, Oct 28 2015

    #PRIAConf15 Day Two Highlights

    David Hearn from Dentsu Mitchell opened day two by discussing Bob Dylan’s transformation from folk singer to rock star. Hearn suggested we must also, as media professionals, adapt and progress. However, take care not to info overload and unshackle yourself from the usual way of thinking.

  • PRIA National Conference: #PRIAConf2015 day two round-up

    Tue, Oct 27 2015

    ABC's Michael Rowland officially opened the 2015 PRIA National Conference. Tasmania’s Governor, the Hon. Kate Warner AM began the conference by highlighting the need for effective communication in any job – including hers. The Governor told the crowd how she’d wished she’d been schooled in PR.

  • PM, Malcolm Turnbull, Congratulates Sydney Convicts RC PR Win

    Tue, Oct 27 2015

    Last night saw the PR industry's awards night-of-nights held at the Public Relations Institute of Australia's (PRIA) National Conference, Huge Transformations, in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Big winners on the night included icon.pr, Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility category winner; Red Agency, Large Consultancy of the Year; Regatta Hotel, In-house Team of the Year; PR Edge, National Campaign of the Year; and Ogilvy PR, International Campaign of the Year, The Release of Peter Greste. The win for Sydney Convicts Rugby Club has also been congratulated by Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia.

    The full list of national winners is detailed inside.

  • 11 PR Fellows, one Life Fellow & two Life Members inducted in Hobart

    Mon, Oct 26 2015

    PRIA's advisory committee to the Institute's National Board celebrated their annual dinner last night in Hobart, with over 50 senior practitioners in attendance.

    A former State President, National President and Isentia CEO, John Croll, were inducted into various positions of the College.

  • Peter Williams disrupts the PR industry down in Hobart at #PRIAConf15

    Sun, Oct 25 2015

    Day one of the 2015 Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) kicked off with a stunning sunrise in the beautiful surrounds of Hobart, Tasmania. The initial instalment of #PRIAConf15 involved the eagerly awaited MasterClass, which was hosted this year by Chief Edge Officer, for Deliotte’s Centre for Edge, Peter Williams, @rexster. The three-part MasterClass brought the 40 delegates to three iconic Hobart venues: The Tench historical building, MONA, and Lark Distillery.

  • Four awards celebrated at South Australia’s PR finals

    Fri, Oct 23 2015

    PPR Adelaide, communikate et al and Elders Limited have been recognised in SA’s 2015 Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Golden Target Awards State Awards for Excellence.

    The full list of SA winners is detailed inside.


  • Media Sector Women’s Leadership Scholarship Grant Opportunity

    Wed, Oct 21 2015

    Announced as part of the 2015 Australian Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership, Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) is administering a National Scholarship Grant Initiative to support the development of women leaders across in the media sector.

    In line with the national ambition of the initiative, from 1 October 2015, $450,000 in additional scholarship funding has been provisioned for the development of women from early career through to senior level in all industry sectors.

  • Can carmakers regain our trust?

    Sat, Oct 17 2015

    The Volkswagen diesel emission crisis has produced the usual doomsayers who predict the company can’t possibly survive. But perhaps they are confusing whether we trust VW with whether we will buy one of their cars.

  • Our PRIA PR Insights: September industry newsletter is out!

    Fri, Oct 16 2015

    We bring you another edition of the latest news from the Public Relations and Communication industry. 

    Read inside for all of this month's articles.

  • We sit down with #PRIAConf15 speaker, Alisa Bowen, GD, News Corp

    Wed, Oct 14 2015

    ‘Transformation’ used to be code for cost cutting programs in big corporations. But now it’s just how we all need be: continuously evolving. Nothing is constant except the need for continued change.

    Click inside for the latest insights from 2015 PRIA National Conference speaker, Alisa Bowen, Group Director, Digital Product and Development at News Corporation Australia.

  • Meet our PRIA National Conference MC: Michael Rowland, ABC

    Mon, Oct 12 2015

    13 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Today we are catching up with conference host, Michael Rowland, ABC, to get a little insight into our master of ceremonies.

  • Leadership’s role in change management communication

    Sat, Oct 10 2015

    Employees charged with formal leadership responsibilities are a critically important make-or-break link in the change management chain. Their influence stems from their pivotal roles as communicators and as cultivators of desire for change amongst those at the actual coal face of change. 

  • No wonder Big Coal say they're losing the PR battle

    Fri, Oct 09 2015

    The Australian coal boss of the world's largest mining company has warned that the industry is losing the PR battle against environmental activists who are trying to shut down fossil fuels.

    BHP Billiton’s coal President Mike Henry was right when he told a Brisbane meeting the resources sector needed to do a better job to counter misinformation. Yet he was wrong to characterize it as a PR battle.

    An information battle maybe. A credibility battle perhaps. Possibly a battle for public trust. But when you concede you are in a PR battle it suggests the false idea that simply applying more PR will be the answer. To argue – as one coal CEO did – that the industry is trying to “limit the spread of misinformation, scare tactics and uninformed vitriol” is tantamount to reducing a major industry challenge to “our spin is better than their spin.”

  • 14 PR gongs awarded at PRIA NSW State Awards

    Thu, Oct 08 2015

    Sydney: Last night saw the next round of the 2015 Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Golden Target Awards State Finals in Sydney. The New South Wales State Awards for Excellence ceremony took place in the stunning surrounds of the Pullman Quay Grand, in Sydney’s picturesque Circular Quay. The sold-out event of more than 160 leading PR professionals celebrated the best-of-the-best PR campaigns and industry professionals in New South Wales.

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Alison Hassel PR Manager, Zoos SA

    Thu, Oct 08 2015

    The National Conference is fast approaching so we decided to catch up with Alison Hassel, Public Relations Manager, Zoos South Australia, and get a taster of what she will be discussing in Hobart.

  • Be a PR leader by asking these 3 questions

    Wed, Oct 07 2015

    As PR professionals we attend numerous meetings each month.  Probably too many for our liking. They can range from plotting a campaign to discussing tactics with your team, a client or colleagues.

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Melainie Irons, Researcher, presenter, hea

    Tue, Oct 06 2015

    27 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania. Today we will hear from Melainie Irons, Researcher, presenter, health & fitness coach, and get an insight into some of the things she will be discussing at this years National Conference.

  • #PRIAConf15 Profile, Chris Savage: How to stay relevant and current in

    Thu, Oct 01 2015

    How does this year’s theme ‘huge transformations’ relate to you in your work?

    I counsel agencies across all spectrums of communications. I help them on growth strategies. Every business I investigate is facing choice- change to survive, or extinction. It’s as simple as that. What got you here WILL NOT get you there. What frightens me is how many leaders are prepared to change.

  • Take the Third Wieck Survey on 'PR Perceptions vs Media Realities'

    Wed, Sep 30 2015

    For a third consecutive year, Wieck Australasia will again give further insight into what the media wants and what public relations practitioners provide.

    In a PR dominated media environment are you a friend or foe to a journalists?

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Yasmine Gray, Red Agency

    Mon, Sep 28 2015

    30 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Today we've got some insight from Yasmine Gray, Principal, Red Agency, on the state of the PR and communication industry, and what she will be speaking about later in October.

  • PRIA WA Recognises 12 Campaigns at PR State Awards for Excellence

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    Western Australia: Thursday, 24 September saw Western Australia present their 2015 Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) State Awards for Excellence Awards at the West Australian Ballet Centre in Maylands. With over 80 guests attending the cocktail evening in celebration of this year’s most innovative PR campaigns and professionals, the night was one to be remembered. 

  • Understanding the power of owned & earned media in an opt-in world

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    The PR Warrior Trevor Young shares his views on the 'opt-in' world we now live in.

    That is, we – the general public – are increasingly shunning the hype and instead choosing to ‘opt in’ to those brands and individuals that are relevant to our lives in some way, that deliver value over and above their products and services, that tap into our core beliefs and interests and thus resonate more deeply on an emotional level. And if they display some semblance of personality and humanity, hallelujah!

  • Setting Education Standards for PR and Communication – National Surv

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    A key area of focus for PRIA in 2015 is the creation and implementation of an all-encompassing education and training matrix that reflects the level of innovation and trusted position of the PR and Communication profession.

    PRIA has developed a Professional Competency Matrix that maps the skills, knowledge and capabilities of all levels of the PR and Communication profession, which will underpin the creation of industry-wide qualification framework.

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Sjaakie Adriaans, Mildura Rural City Counc

    Wed, Sep 23 2015

    33 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Here is a teaser of what's to come from PRIA National Conference 2015 Speaker Sjaakie Adriaans.

  • Tony Abbott failed to communicate effectively

    Tue, Sep 22 2015

    Last week, when Malcolm Turnbull said, ‘We need advocacy, not slogans’, he highlighted that the brief one-line communication style that had worked well for Tony Abbott in opposition was inappropriate to communicate the complex reasons why change was necessary.

  • Communicating with Ethnic Communities – More than a translated press

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    I have been in the communication field for over 20 years and it is still a struggle to both articulate and argue with mainstream PR professionals that non- English communications is more than just a translation, but instead needs its own framework and orthodoxy.

    The politics of the time and the prevalence of mainstreaming is serving to delegitimise practices that focus on the difference and the diversity that ethnic communities represent. Therefore a lot of PR for ethnic communities is either not included or done by mainstream agencies.

  • Victoria celebrates 22 PR campaigns at industry awards

    Thu, Sep 17 2015

    Last night, Wednesday 17 September, saw the celebrations of the Victorian State Awards for Excellence at The Apartment in Melbourne CBD. The event brought together industry professionals from NSW, to recognise the year’s most impressive PR and communication campaigns, catch up with old friends and forge new connections.

  • 3 good reasons why you should produce less content

    Thu, Sep 17 2015

    We’re consuming more content than ever – more than eight hours a day on average according to a recent global study by ZenithOptimedia. Internet consumption has doubled during the past five years while every other medium has stagnated or gone into reverse.

    Here are three good reasons why value is more important than volume when it comes to your content marketing.

  • Why Collaboration is Key

    Tue, Sep 15 2015

    Cerisse Denhardt from Sefiani shares her views of how the collaboration between PR professionals and journalists can benefit both parties.

  • First State Awards for Excellence Announced in Queensland

    Mon, Sep 14 2015

    Brisbane: Last Friday, 11 September, saw the first of the 2015 Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) State Awards for Excellence ceremonies taking place at the Pullman Hotel King George Square, Brisbane.

    More than 75 guests turned out to celebrate the finest PR campaigns and professionals in Queensland.

  • Are you a firefighter, arsonist or a tree?

    Mon, Sep 14 2015

    Shari Tyrrell, a Sefiani contributor, shares her experiences at a recent talk by the ‘social firefighter’ Nicole Matejic, one of the speakers at the 2015 PRIA National Conference. 

  • Top 10 Tips for Attracting Media Coverage

    Fri, Sep 11 2015

    Media coverage can help your group greatly increase its chances of fundraising success.

    By convincing the media to report on a fundraiser or special event you’re holding, or a piece of important news affecting your organisation, you’re increasing the public knowledge of who you are and what you do – which can then be converted into increased donations.

    Below are 10 tips to follow to help you get your story out.

  • How to make your stories go further with a VNR

    Thu, Sep 10 2015

    Cuts to media outlets across Australia have not been kind to journalists or the PR industry. News teams are time poor and under resourced, and the race to secure television footage is more competitive than ever before.

  • 10 Resources to Help Master Mobile Marketing

    Wed, Sep 09 2015

    Mobile is no longer a choice but a marketing must-have. With the number of mobile devices now outnumbering the world's population, a mobile strategy is critical in ensuring that your marketing messages reach the right audience wherever they are.

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: David Chalke, AustraliaSCAN

    Tue, Sep 08 2015

    48 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Here is a teaser of what's to come from PRIA National Conference 2015 Speaker David Chalke.


  • 3 Tips for Inspiring Nonprofit Supporters Through Storytelling

    Mon, Sep 07 2015

    Anyone who has ever had some experience with a nonprofit organisation knows just how challenging it can be. Getting people’s support for a cause based on good will alone can be tricky and that’s where storytelling comes in.

  • When Issue Management Becomes War on Activists

    Fri, Sep 04 2015

    Conflict between industrial development and conservation has long been a battlefield between environmentalists, big business and big government. But the escalating ”war” against activists is a real threat to democracy and legitimate issue debate.

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Leigh Carmichael, MONA

    Thu, Sep 03 2015

    53 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Today we've got some insight from Leigh Carmichael, Creative Director, MONA, on the state of the PR and communication industry, and what he will be speaking about later in October.

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Nick Jans

    Tue, Sep 01 2015

    The countdown is on for our National Conference with standard rates closing on 15 September 2015. Our 25 industry leaders will converge on Hobart from 25-27 October and today we are featuring Nick Jans, who will address leadership issues in Marysville in 2009, following the Black Saturday fires.

  • PRIA partners with IBSA for national review of communication education

    Mon, Aug 31 2015

    The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) is pleased to announce its collaboration with Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA), as a first step to securing a suite of Australian Qualifications for the Communication and Public Relations profession.


  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Linda Brennan, RMIT

    Mon, Aug 31 2015

  • PRIA Announces 2015 Golden Target Awards Shortlisted Finalists

    Sat, Aug 29 2015

    Sydney: The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) is delighted to announce its shortlist of finalists for the 39th annual Golden Target Awards (GTAs) and State Awards for Excellence.

  • Great results represent a promising future vision for PRIA

    Fri, Aug 28 2015

    It's been a busy fiscal year for the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). Our 120 strong team of volunteers from our National Board, Divisional, and special interest committees, along with our staff, have guided PRIA to a successful position in both financial and professional leadership terms. 

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Richard Spencer, Isentia Two Social

    Thu, Aug 27 2015

    With PRIA's National Conference taking place in just 58 days, today, we're giving you a teaser inside the mind of Richard Spencer, Head of Agency, Isentia Two Social.

    "It’s hard to believe that the iPhone was only launched in 2007!"

  • The ten most frequently searched words in the dictionary

    Wed, Aug 26 2015

    Language, we believe, is a window on the world.

    So it was with some interest that we noted the ten most frequently searched words on the site of American dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster. The site gets more than 40 million visitors a month. 

  • #PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Susan Redden Makatoa, Ogilvy

    Tue, Aug 25 2015

    How does this year’s theme ‘huge transformations’ relate to you in your work?

    It applies to both way we work and the type of work we are doing.  We’re working in ways we never have before – in digital, social, creative and strategy.  At Ogilvy we’re seeing strong growth in change work as clients adapt and reform their businesses.  We’ve been lucky enough to partner with the NSW Government on some of the transformation work they’re undertaking, which is ambitious and impressive.

  • Why PR Pros Need to Embrace New Technologies

    Tue, Aug 25 2015

    As professionals, we are increasingly expected to embrace new technologies which we then deploy as marketing and PR tools on behalf of our clients. More often than not, we face resistance from clients who do not see the value in these new digital tools.

  • Who said issues have to be about facts

    Mon, Aug 24 2015

    It’s no secret that issues often revolve around perceptions and feelings rather than objective facts. Look no further than the activist campaign against overwhelming scientific evidence on the effectiveness of childhood vaccination. However, legitimate issue debate gets seriously contaminated when governments fall into the trap of allowing non-science to compromise public policy making.

  • How to Use Visuals To Get More Social Media Engagement, Shares and PR

    Fri, Aug 21 2015

    Want to know what can get you more social media followers and connections, shares and likes, media exposure and even improve your search engine rankings? PR in your Pajamas blogger Elena Verlee explains how images are the key to social media success.

  • Inaugural ‘State of Shared Value in Australia’ survey report

    Thu, Aug 20 2015

    Shared value delivers social and economic benefits for Australia: new survey of ASX 100 reveals

    A growing number of Australian companies pursuing shared value strategies, or strategies with similar principles, are seeing both social and economic benefits as well as positive brand associations, according to findings from the 2015 ‘State of Shared Value in Australia’ survey released last week.

  • Public Relations Professionals need to Show, Not Tell

    Wed, Aug 19 2015

    PR people are quick to embrace the new – whether it is social media or something else in the past (like the fax machine) which became the banes of the lives of the people they were targeting with promotional material.

  • 5 Strategies for stakeholder management

    Tue, Aug 18 2015

    In the age of social media activism and online media, effective stakeholder management is more important than ever.

    The influence of stakeholders on your project can be immense, and if not managed correctly, could lead to project delays, resource drain, political intervention or project termination.

    Effective identification, understanding and management of your stakeholders, their triggers and their expectations will improve your ability to reduce risk, tailor mitigation measures and deliver a successful project.

  • 2015 State of Shared Value in Australia Survey Breakdown

    Mon, Aug 17 2015

    The Shared Value Project and Social Ventures Australia present the findings from the inaugural ‘State of Shared Value in Australia’ survey. This first ever survey targeted a combination of ASX 100 companies and organisations with a demonstrable experience or interest in creating shared value to develop a baseline understanding of the current state of shared value in Australia

  • How to create content millennials will care about

    Fri, Aug 14 2015

    Millennials are a force to be reckoned with. They’re tomorrow’s leaders, influencers and big spenders but they have a different view of the world. They don’t trust your brand message like previous generations did so your business needs to find new ways of engaging to build meaningful relationships. You need to create brilliant content. Follow these six guidelines to create content millennials will care about:

  • Monthly Tips to get You Out of the Communication Slump

    Wed, Aug 12 2015

    Communication isn't always easy and we can often find ourselves in a so-called "communication slump". In her latest newsletter, Narelle Hanratty explains how the use of positive words can transform a sentence as well as tips to help get your creative spark back.

  • Making digital the foundation: Barbara's judging role

    Tue, Aug 11 2015

    Hashtags and blue birds have been flying through the mind of Managing Director, Barbara Pesel this week, as she’s in the midst of judging the Golden Target Awards (GTAs) by the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

    As Judging Coordinator of the digital and social media category, Barbara is thrilled to join the judging process of the awards after being a successful entrant for the last several years.

  • Three tips all budding PR interns should know

    Mon, Aug 10 2015

    With limited or no internship experience, the prospect of graduating can be quite daunting. Landing an internship is the easy part. Being seen as more than just another fresh graduate in the working world is harder. 

  • Establishing Goals for Your Press Release

    Fri, Aug 07 2015

    As I’ve said before: having the right expectations for your press release plays a huge role in setting it up for success. Part of those expectations involves knowing what goals to establish so you can measure the results of your distributed press release.

  • Killing things damages reputation? Who knew

    Thu, Aug 06 2015

    Cecil the Lion must now be the most famous big cat in the world. And the American dentist who killed him in the name of ‘sport’ has rightly been widely condemned.

    Yet amidst all the media frenzy is an underlying message for PR practitioners and issue managers everywhere, that killing animals – especially photogenic ones – is not only cruel and dumb, but can severely damage reputations and careers, and can also damage associated organisations.

  • Gyms. Restaurants, Adult Films. Litigation?

    Wed, Aug 05 2015

    Crowdfunding – A Background

    Crowdfunding. It’s everywhere, at all levels of the community for all sorts of projects. There are crowd funded restaurants, boxing gyms and yoga labs. It’s even set to be in space – yes, the most high profile program at present is almost definitely Porn Hub’s new program to crowdfund $3.4million dollars for a sex in space tape (though they are struggling to get to their target it seems).

  • Influence of memes: who are the people behind them?

    Tue, Aug 04 2015

    Odd title? Absolutely. But I just couldn't resist. Memes seem to have consumed the entire internet over the past 12 months, and interestingly, not many people are writing about them.

  • AMEC Event in APAC - Measurement & Evaluation Needs Survey

    Mon, Aug 03 2015

    I would like to share with you the exciting news that AMEC is looking to host a regional M&E conference early next year. This was raised at the recent Stockholm Summit, following input by Michael Ziviani and Aseem Sood, as AMEC co-chairs of the APAC Chapter. 

  • 5 powerful content marketing lessons from your favourite band

    Fri, Jul 31 2015

    Just like a band, PR practitioners have to have an understanding of what the audience wants. The values of good content marketing can be applied in a similar manner to both fields. Context, variety, balance and engagement as well as a a memorable beginning and ending are some of the most important things to consider when releasing new content. 

  • Charities: FB followers prefer to share than comment

    Thu, Jul 30 2015

    Sometimes people in charge of a charity’s social media contact me feeling frustrated.  They try and they try to create discussions between their Facebook followers and the response is equivalent to, *cue crickets sound now*. 

    Sometimes people in charge of a charity’s social media contact me feeling frustrated.  They try and they try to create discussions between their Facebook followers and the response is equivalent to, *cue crickets sound now*. 

  • How PR Can Strengthen Its Bond With Marketing

    Wed, Jul 29 2015

    The melding of PR and marketing is one of the biggest challenges facing communicators of all stripes. 

    Wide disparities remain between the two disciplines. Marketing is conditioned to showing fairly immediate returns on the investment—PR, not so much. Indeed, it might take years for PR efforts to flow to the top and/or bottom lines.

    But the arc of media consumption is bending toward PR. Online consumers have much more interest in having a conversation with brands, the domain of PR. Still, if they’re to succeed in the future, both marketing and PR need to work together.

  • Your Career and You: “PR…Making Friends”

    Tue, Jul 28 2015

    As someone working in public relations, it's not uncommon for someone to ask: "What's PR?" It's at this point that you try to answer the question in a simple manner, then realising that it's no easy task. However, Pr can often be described in its most basic form as "making friends". 

  • 5 Reasons It Still Makes Sense to Attend a Professional Conference

    Mon, Jul 27 2015

    Even though there are so many ways to access fast—and often free—information online about your particular industry through things like webinars and other online events, there are still plenty of great reasons why you should still attend a professional conference or trade show in person every now and then. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Why your rivals attract more media coverage than you

    Fri, Jul 24 2015

    Securing media coverage to promote your organisation is a challenging exercise at the best of times, whether you’re targeting a major metropolitan newspaper or a TV news outlet, but there are tactics that can help. And some organisations are simply better than others at implementing them.

  • Shadowy Groups Contaminate Legitimate Issue Debate

    Thu, Jul 23 2015

    Coalitions and alliances are a classic strategy in responding to public issues. But shadowy front organisations with little or no legitimacy have no real place in effective issue management. Tony Jacques breaks down the issue of front groups and how this is the wrong approach to take. 

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winner Carla Shearman

    Wed, Jul 22 2015

    Carla Shearman was the 2014 winner in Category 4 'Community Relations'. Her entry ' St Bart's Homeless for a Day' delves into the issue of homelessness across Australia, exploring innovative new ways to provide funding to support projects of not-for-profit organisations.

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winner Samara Kitchener

    Sat, Jul 18 2015

     HIV Pop Up Testing: Changing the HIV testing landscape across NSW

    Samara Kitchener was last year's winner in the Health Organisations category. Take a look at her winning submission 'HIV Pop Up Testing: Changing the HIV testing landscape across NSW'.


  • Researching, Measuring and Evaluating PR Success

    Fri, Jul 17 2015

    With lines blurring between public relations, marketing, advertising and communications it is increasingly important for PR practitioners to be able to tangibly demonstrate the outcomes of their efforts and the value of public relations to clients. In response to this the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Registered Consultancy Group (RCG) Research, Measurement and Evaluation (RM&E) Committee released its Principles on Best Practice in RM&E and Media and Social Media analysis guidelines. At the end of last month PRIA held a special panel event in Sydney to discuss the guidelines on how to best implement research, measurement and evaluation in public relations.

  • State of the (social) nation: Social media in Australia

    Thu, Jul 16 2015

    Thu, Jul 16 2015

    Social Media is a tool virtually every Australian uses at some point in their life, whether its for business or pleasure. The PR Warrior, Trevor Young, provides an excellent breakdown on his Website ​www.trevoryoung.me of how Australian people and businesses are using social media.

  • NFPs: Facebook content that works

    Wed, Jul 15 2015

    As part of my recently submitted PhD research, I conducted a content analysis examining the social media activities of not-for-profit organisations (NFPs). The analysis ran for 21 days, and suggested three specific content categories to generate the greatest positive response from followers. These findings were supported by interviews with donors, supporters and volunteers that were also conducted as part of the same PhD research project.

  • Fairfax editor: Why PRs Need the Tardis to Join the Digital Century

    Tue, Jul 14 2015

    Recently I had coffee with the Editor-in-Chief of Fairfax’s WAToday, Allen Newton, and chatted through the ins and outs of the brave new world of digital journalism. Starting as a cadet with the long defunct Sunday Independent in Perth during the 1970s, Allen has had a stellar four-decade media career including some stints in PR. His authority to discuss all things digital media is enhanced by his experience as the founding editor of News Limited’s Perth Now.

  • Global Alliance AGM elects new board for 2015-16

    Sat, Jul 11 2015

    MILAN, Italy, June 26 2015 - The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management held today its 13th Annual General Meeting in Milan, followed by the Association Leaders’ Worskhop. Over 40 public relations professionals and academics participated in the events, with more global representation than ever before.

    During the meeting, Global Alliance Chair Anne Gregory presented the 2014 Annual Report, providing an overview of the key activities and initiatives conducted by the Global Alliance in 2014.

  • Tip of the month: Move your point to the end of the sentence

    Fri, Jul 10 2015

    Psychologists have long observed the “recency” effect -- that people recall the last thing they heard more readily than that which came before. Use this principle in your business writing by moving the important point to the end of your sentences.

  • NFPs: Facebook content that works

    Mon, Jun 29 2015

    As part of my recently submitted PhD research, I conducted a content analysis examining the social media activities of not-for-profit organisations (NFPs). The analysis ran for 21 days, and suggested three specific content categories to generate the greatest positive response from followers. These findings were supported by interviews with donors, supporters and volunteers that were also conducted as part of the same PhD research project.

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winners Financial and Corporate Relations

    Thu, Jun 25 2015

    Financial and Corporate Relations took out the top prizes for both the Issues and Crisis Management category and Campaign of the Year. Take a look at 'Successfully Navigating Troubled Waters' to see justt how they did it.

  • Doubling ROI from Trade Shows

    Wed, Jun 24 2015

    Business people instinctively know this, so most rightly believe trade shows are a valuable way to
    start relationships. However there is also confusion around the growing role of social media and
    whether it might be a replacement for shows.

  • LinkedIn Groups: A Moderator's Field Guide

    Tue, Jun 23 2015

    Learn how to engage and grow your LinkedIn group using three simple steps.

  • Five Minutes With Bec Derrington

    Mon, Jun 22 2015

     She's the mind behind SourceBottle, the service that connects subject matter experts (like you) to media opportunities. Here, Samara Magazine have a chat with veteran public relations professional, Bec Derrington.

  • An Armchair Conversation to reclaim Public Relations

    Fri, Jun 19 2015

    Missed the first Armchair Conversation? Here's a recap of what we learned from two Fellows James Mahoney and Tom Parkes about the need for PR to reclaim strategy rather than focusing on tactics.

  • How to use social media to engage with customers and build your brand

    Fri, Jun 19 2015

    You hear it all the time: ‘Engage customers!’ Sounds like pretty solid advice, right? But how, exactly, do you do that?

  • Traditional Media is Here to Stay

    Thu, Jun 18 2015

    There’s no shortage of doomsayers lining up to give the last rites to old-school media – the likes of print and free-to-air tv. Yet, the reality is it’s here to stay, digital just means we’ll engage with it differently and more deeply.

  • Miss our public relations industry newsletter 'PR Insights' last month

    Wed, Jun 17 2015

    Did you miss our newsletter 'PR Insights' last month?

    2015 GTAs now live, Anderson Knight's Marjorie Anderson LFPRIA awarded Order of Australia, Hughes PR's Tim Hughes gets a glimpse into life on the streets, PRIA staffer Neil O'Sulivan tells a 66 year old story through content marketing and design, F4ward's 3 major insights from PRIA’s Vivid Ideasevent & more...

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winners Pesel & Carr

    Wed, Jun 17 2015

    Pesel & Carr received the Golden Target Award for their Low Cost/Pro Bono campaign entitled 'Her name was Tracy and she was loved'. Check it out here!

  • Ten Ways to Win New Clients...And Keep Them!

    Tue, Jun 16 2015

    Anyone can win new business, says The Artistry’s Phil Barker, it’s the “keeping them” part that often proves more difficult. Here are his top 10 tips and he accepts the below is very easy to say but hard to do.

  • The Anatomy of User Experience

    Mon, Jun 15 2015

    User experience (UX) is what your customer feels when interacting with your online offerings. To deliver a great user experience, the digital designer must manage a balancing act, considering the goals of the user and the business as well as technical limits. Here’s advice for anyone seeking to create a new website or digital product.

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winner Ishtar Schneider

    Fri, Jun 12 2015

    The 2014 GTA for Emerging PR Practitioner of the Year went to Ishtar Schneider of Palin Communications. Read her story to find out how she did it.

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winners NSW Health

    Thu, Jun 11 2015

    Samara Kitchener of NSW Health secured top prize in the Health Organisations category at the 2014 GTA. See the the HIV Pop-Up Testing campaign in full here!

  • Marjorie Anderson awarded Order of Australia

    Wed, Jun 10 2015

    The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) is delighted with news that another PRIA senior member is to receive an Order of Australia.

    Marjorie Anderson AM LFPRIA was confirmed in yesterday’s Queen’s Birthday Honours List, for significant service to the public relations and marketing sectors to professional associations, and to education and training.

  • Social Media Snapshot

    Wed, Jun 10 2015

    LinkedIn now boasts more than 7 million members in Australia and is without a doubt the largest single database of professionals in Australia and indeed, around the world.  Whilst LinkedIn started as a recruitment network, it is rapidly becoming a significant tool for business development staff as well as marketing and communications teams.

    This month’s social media snapshot, and the last of the 2015 financial year, focuses on the social network which is the least understood and ironically the one with arguably the greatest potential for business.

    I hope you enjoy the attached and please let me know if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way with your organisation’s LinkedIn strategy or presence.

    Head of Digital - isentia

  • Your grammar questions answered

    Wed, Jun 10 2015

    A scribe once said that if English made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.

  • Should Interns Be Paid?

    Tue, Jun 09 2015

    With the job market continuing to struggle, and many university students/graduates finding it a challenge to secure employment related to their fields, internships are becoming a compulsory rite of passage in order for students to enter their desired field with the hope that an internship will make them shine from the hoi polloi. There seems to be an established culture for students in the communication/creative/marketing sector to work while unpaid and hopefully, though by no means assuredly, land a job.

  • The Benefits of Lending a Helping Hand

    Tue, Jun 09 2015

    It has become pretty typical for organisations to recognise and acknowledge they don’t operate in a silo, apart from the communities they work and live in. Companies with strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs really gain the upper hand on the publicity front while enhancing community engagement where the company is known as a ‘good guy’.

  • How To Handle Privacy Complaints, APP Training Slides and other APP Gu

    Mon, Jun 08 2015

    Are you covered by the Privacy Act?

    Under the Privacy Act, businesses (including non-profit organisations) with an annual turnover of more than $3 million, some small businesses (including all private health service providers) and most Australian Government agencies must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

    This resource will help organisations and agencies covered by the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) address privacy complaints they receive.

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winners Edelman Australia

    Fri, Jun 05 2015

    Edelman Australia took home the 2014 Golden Target Award for their Business to Business campaign Fonterra: Proud to be a Chef. Take a look at the winning entry!

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winners Weber Shandwick

    Mon, Jun 01 2015

    Weber Shandwick were the 2014 GTA winners in the Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility category. Check out their entry 'Nespresso Project Upcycle' to see why they took out the top prize.

  • How To Make A Privacy Complaint in Australian Sign Language

    Mon, Jun 01 2015

    This video transcript made by The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)  provides a guide to making a privacy complaint in Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winners Professional Public Relations WA

    Fri, May 29 2015

    Professional Public Relations WA took out the Community Relations top prize at the 2014 GTA for their 'St Bart's Homeless for a Day' campaign. Take a look at how they did it!

  • GTA Case Study Feature: 2014 Winners Porter Novelli

    Thu, May 28 2015

    Porter Novelli Melbourne took out the 2014 Golden Target Award for their 'Every Greyhound has a Story' submission in the Government Sponsored Campaigns category. Take a look!

  • Taking the social out of CSR

    Wed, May 27 2015

    The economic and cultural debate around the question of whether corporate social responsibility is a fad or here to stay is officially over. That’s according to commentators like Wayne Burns, Director of the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, who says CSR has clearly won and the question is no longer even valid.

  • Communicating a 66 year old story through content marketing and design

    Tue, May 26 2015

    Thanks to Piktochart, we have been able to tackle the stigma of an old company, give a new approach to content marketing and be more relevant to our members here at the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

  • Ten Tips To Protect Your Customers’ Personal Information

    Mon, May 25 2015

    The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) contains 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) that Australian and Norfolk Island Government agencies, and most private sector organisations, (collectively called ‘APP entities’) must follow when they handle personal information. Personal information is defined in the Privacy Act as information or an opinion that identifies, or could identify, an individual. Some examples are name, address, telephone number, date of birth, medical records, bank account details, and opinions.

    This ten tip guide will help you comply with the APPs when you handle your customers’ personal information.

  • How to nudge people into action

    Tue, May 19 2015

    The Australian government’s recent announcement of its “no jab, no pay” policy, where parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, even on religious grounds, will be unable to access childcare benefits, is a good example of how people can gently – or not so gently – be nudged into action.

  • Ten Tips To Protect Your Privacy

    Mon, May 18 2015

    Your privacy is valuable and worth protecting. The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) requires entities to protect your personal information. Personal information is information or an opinion that identifies you or could identify you. Some examples are your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, medical records, bank account details and opinions about you. However, you should also take responsibility for your privacy.

  • Why Media Intelligence Matters

    Thu, May 14 2015

    Everyone’s got opinions—and their favourite places to post them. For a PR pro today, keeping up with what journalists, bloggers, and customers are saying is complicated. Influencing them is even more complicated. Measuring results can often be impossible. Meltwater Group has created a guide on how modern media intelligence connects media monitoring to engagement and measurement - and enables PR pros to reinvent their roles as brand spokespeople in the age of the social media. Here's our summary of it.

  • Influencing A National Conversation On Suicide and Mental Illness

    Wed, May 13 2015

    Elaine Banoub updates us on the success of the dinner event hosted by the Hunter Institute of Mental Health which celebrated the Mindframe National Media Initiative on the 30th April. Here are a few snaps that were taken on the night and Elaine's recount of the night.