22nd Apr 2010
PRIA RCG April 2009

From the National Chair

2nd Quarter – steaming in 2009

Graphic directory launched
A graphic version of the directory launches today.  You can print a single page.  Prospects can grab a download of the directory on CD or USB stick.  We are aiming for monthly updates so if there are amendments please email carolinec@pria.com.au. Check to the directory HERE

Government Communications Multi-Use List
Any PR consultancy wanting to be invited for Federal Government tenders over $200K must be listed on the new whole of government register from 30th March this year.  Even if your project is worth $10k, if you are part of a bigger project you must be registered.  To be included on the register please go HERE.

Government Lobbyist Registers
The Federal and NSW governments have made it compulsory for companies representing clients to ministers, elected officials or bureaucrats to be listed on their registers.  Click HERE to register.  Let us know if there are any other state registers that are now compulsory.

State Committees
There has been a surge in the number of RCG members.  So if you want to be part of the success, please volunteer onto your state committee.  Email cathyb@pria.com.au.

Certificates for RCG members
PRIA National has printed new RCG membership certificates.  If you need a replacement please email: membership@pria.com.au

Review of Services 2008-9
In addition to state-based networking and development activities, last year we increased the number of services provided to RCG members.  They now include:

  • Participation in the benchmarking survey
  • Two consultancy management webinars each year
  • National newsletters
  • Increase government relations
  • Interactive web-based directory
  • Graphic pdf version of the directory
  • Optimised PRIA RCG search
  • Google advertising for RCG

RCG Fees 2009-10
We are currently forecasting activities and budgets for 2009-10.  Let us know your thoughts on additional services or support by emailing: cathyb@pria.com.au.  When the plan is complete, we will set RCG membership fees for the next financial year.  A decision has not yet been reached on a policy regarding multi-state membership payments.  Speak to your local RCG Chair if you have a view.

Timesheet software
RCG researched the software that is most used, most loved and most hated. To download a copy of the findings go HERE.

Growing in a Recession
Each state encouraged members to discuss concepts presented by Neil Backwith, PR consultancy advisor from the UK.  If you missed out on the webinar and want to look at some survival tactics for PR consultancies during economic downturns click HERE.

Pushing to the Financial Year End
Each RCG principal has seen at least some evidence that PR is not immune to the GFC.  None of us want a PFC (personal financial crisis), and the best place to get help is from friends and colleagues. 

Since joining the RCG during the recession of the early 90s, I have found the support, candid advice and knowledge of other consultancy leaders in the group to be tremendous.  It’s something not usually found on a list of services, but it’s the most valuable benefit.

Annabelle Warren
National Registered Consultancy Group

Why merely survive...

Why merely survive the current economic woes when with Kathryn’s Mint you can thrive.

Thanks to almost two decades of financial experience in the Australian and UK communications industry, Kathryn’s Mint has invaluable advice for Public Relations agencies to call on:

  • How to ensure you’re recouping all of your precious time 
  • How to best use the Time Billing module of MYOB 
  • Preparing your business for the end of the financial year 
  • Maximising your business performance for the year ahead

 For further information go HERE.

The PRIA Website is crammed full of great information – if you have forgotten your login details follow this link to the forgotten password generator.

Once logged on you can access your profile where you can update your details.  The members forum which has recently started a hypothetical on ethics in PR and download research and situation papers.

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