2016 PRIA nation-wide events program

Come and get it: the 2016 PRIA Events Calendar

On 1 January 2015, PRIA launched our CPD tracking for all members; New and Emerging Practitioners Groups (NEPG), Associate (APRIA), Professional Members (MPRIA) and Fellows (FPRIA).

A point generally equates to an hour's learning although some activities may be given a positive or negative weighting depending on whether they relate specifically to globally accepted competencies, in accordance with PRIA's, global first, Professional Framework.

Recognising that practitioners and employers also need a framework for professional development pathways, qualifications and benchmarks within a changing industry, the Professional Framework has been developed to complement the Education Framework.

The Framework’s objective is to ensure that both new and experienced PR practitioners are adequately educated and qualified for their roles, and that there is a clear industry-wide understanding of professional development, the progressive stages of a PR practitioner’s career, and a clear understanding of remuneration, rewards and recognition for each role.

Why this is important for our industry and your career

Central to the framework is a competencies matrix to help both agency and in-house PR and Communication practitioners understand potential career paths as well as the required skills and knowledge needed for various roles, both traditional and emerging.

Finally, the framework guides the development and delivery of the 2016 PRIA CPD program (pictured below) to ensure all profession education and training opportunities can be counted towards your career development plans.

With the framework giving members an idea of what stage they are at in their careers, our tailored state/territory specific event calendar is your roadmap to help you achieve your next professional step in your career.

Last Updated: Thu, Jun 02 2016