The Nutritionsits is looking for an intern with savvy PR skills to join our awesome growing ‘virtual’ team.

We were born out of a desperate calling to take action for our world’s scary rate of deteriorating health, cause no one else looked like they were doing it; apart from our mate Jamie Oliver!

If successful, not only will you be able to say you were there at the birth of the most radical for profit tech company with a social mission (Which by the way is very very Trendy right now; think TOMS Shoes & THANKYOU Water) The best bit, you will also be living the dream from home as we are proudly office free, we highly encourage pajama, Skype meetings and social media updating!
This internship will suit a uni student studying PR, media or other related fields with an end goal of working in PR in the future.

This is an UNPAID internship so you must be dedicated, committed and prepared to work for experience

To apply, simply send in your resume to with a cover letter answering these 3 questions

1. Why would you be awesome for this position?
2. What would you identify as your strengths?
3. What are your goals and dreams?


  • expand your skills
  • work from home
  • learn more about the nutrition industry and events
  • expand your career opportunities from this internship
  • receive a written reference and a referee on your resume at the end of
  • a successful 3 month internship
  • request to continue internship

Last Updated: Fri, Aug 01 2014

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If you want to hit-the-ground-running in the public relations and communication industry, PRIA strongly encourages students to get some work experience under their belts.


The Nutritionsits is looking for an intern with savvy PR skills to join our awesome growing ‘virtual’ team.