List an Internship Opportunity on PRIA's Website

Do you need a helping hand with some of your projects? List an internship opportunity on PRIA's website to find the right intern to join your team.

Not only do you get the extra support you need to complete your work, but you are helping students and new practitioners gain work experience that will develop their practical skill set entering the industry.

Better yet, listing an internship on PRIA's website is free!

PRIA is committed to supporting the development of students and new practitioners so listing an internship opportunity on PRIA's website is free of charge for both members and non-members.

What Do I Need to Include in my Internship Listing?

  • Internship title (e.g brilliant intern needed for media relations internship)
  • Location (e.g Melbourne)
  • Body of text (include limited position description, desired skills, experience, qualifications)
  • Full name and preferred contact for response (email/fax/post)
  • Closing date and/or length of time to display advertisement (if less than one month)
  • Company logo (96 dpi JPEG, no smaller than 400 pixels and a hyperlink to your website)
  • Company ABN

Who Do I Send the Information To?

Simply email the above information to We'll upload your internship listing for you and then send you the link to the page to make sure you're happy with it.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bookings are subject to availability
  • All inquiries and bookings should be made online. If you have any problems contact us at 02 9331 3346
  • Listings are automatically removed after 1 month, unless otherwise agreed in writing
  • Advertising content and design must not contain any offensive material.
  • All interships must be hosted at the business premises and adhere to all work health and safety regulations
  • PRIA will use its reasonable endeavors to publish advertising submitted in the format submitted by the Customer and in accordance with the placement instructions of the Customer.
  • PRIA reserves the right to refuse or withdraw from publication any advertising at any time (even if the advertising has previously been published by PRIA).
  • All advertising is subject to availability and editorial policies.

Last Updated: Thu, May 02 2013