Ethics counselling service

No matter how many guidelines exist, there will always be times when PRIA members encounter ethical issues and dilemmas. A confidential ethics counselling service is available to members of ​PRIA, free of charge, through the St James Ethics Centre.

Ethi-call is St James Ethics Centre’s free, confidential telephone counselling service. If you’re facing an ethical dilemma at home, work or anywhere really, one that seems to have no right or even wrong answer, well, there is someone you can talk to. St James Ethics Centre counsellors are professionals with broad experience in a variety of fields who are trained by the Ethics Centre and provide their time on a volunteer basis. They’ll help you explore your dilemma, supporting you to reach a solution that’s aligned with your own circumstances, principles and values.

Anyone facing an ethical dilemma can take part. And that can come from any kind of situation we face in life - from personal dilemmas of choice to the complex relationships inherent in families, social interactions and of course those that can arise in business, government and not-for-profits.

The issues and challenges callers face originate from down-to-earth, everyday experiences. For example, “What ought I do when I’m facing a situation where everything I do seems wrong?”, “What if I have to choose between loyalty to my family and loyalty to work?”, “What if I’ve promised confidentiality to a client only to find out something that I think should be exposed?”, “What if my care and concern for one person conflicts with that of another?”, “What if I’m not even sure that I have a conflict of interest?”

Ethi-call can help you recognise the ethical dimensions involved in a situation and help clarify them.

Last Updated: Tue, May 20 2014