"Response Ability"

National discussion about ways to address mental illness and suicide in Australian society has again turned to look at the ways in which these issues should be communicated in the media and wider society. Following her recent appearance on SBS Insight’s episode, “Talking Suicide”, Project Manager of the Mindframe National Media Initiative Jaelea Skehan will present this webinar about what makes Public Relations education a priority in this discussion, and what is available to meet the needs of new and emerging practitioners.

Jaelea Skehan is a Program Manager at the Hunter Institute of Mental Health and a Conjoint Teaching Fellow with the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle. She is a registered psychologist with expertise in mental health promotion, prevention of mental ill-health and the prevention of suicide. She has specific expertise in media reporting and portrayal of suicide and mental illness. She manages five national projects funded under the Mindframe National Media Initiative in Australia aimed at promoting responsible and accurate portrayal of suicide and mental illness in the media. Jaelea is a member of the International Taskforce for Suicide and the Media, written a number of peer-reviewed publications about suicide and the media and mental illness and the media. She has led the development of resources and professional development for journalism and public relations students, news and entertainment media, the mental health and suicide prevention sectors, police and courts. Jaelea has been involved in a range of other projects incorporating policy development, multi-media resource resign, health promotion, program evaluation and education and training.

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