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By subscribing to PRIA's feeds you will receive links to new articles, events and other content directly into your feed reader of choice shortly after it is published to PRIA's website.

PRIA has created a variety of feeds for you to choose from ranging from news feeds to new job vancancy and event feeds. You can subscribe to as many of the feeds below as you like. Simply select the feeds that match your interests.

When you click on the feeds below, you will be asked if you want to subscribe to the feed and you'll be prompted to choose which tool you would like to use for your subscription. Viewing RSS in the browser can look like code which is not very friendly to read—so it is important that you have an RSS reader if you wish to access these feeds.

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For those of you with websites or blogs, please feel free to integrate any of the above feeds into your site or blog—so long as you’re not using the feeds for commercial use or are in any way charging for the feeds or content available from them.


Should you have additional RSS questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help. If you're new to RSS feeds and need further help to understand them, click here.

Don’t see the feed you’re looking for? Drop us a note and we’ll see if we can create the feed for you and get it added to this list.