Free Sustainability Seminars - Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

Wed, Aug 15 2012

A series of Business Innovation and Sustainability Summits are being presented across the country by MOSS in association with the International Green Awards. Be quick to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Sustainability is a dynamic subject and intrinsically linked with the financial bottom line of any business. Current challenges and business risks transcend climate change and involve issues closer to business operations, such as resource sourcing and scarcity. It is now time for organisations to evaluate and understand their two way interaction with the environment and build resilient businesses.

The summits, held in Sydney on Friday August 17, Melbourne Monday August 20 and Perth Thursday August 23, feature a keynote presentation by Dr Martin Blake, recognised sustainability expert and a Professor of Sustainable Business.

Martin is best know for his role in the largest European change management program post WWII, taking the UK’s Royal Mail from losing £1m a day to making £1m a day – reducing their energy spend by 45% and winning over 85 national and international awards for CSR and Sustainability.

Other case studies and presentations come from a range of local, national and international business and sustainability experts such as the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Interface, Fujitsu, Corporate Express, Wesfarmers, Stockland, Unilever, Yalumba, Linfox, SME's s such as Republic of Everyone, Plarre Ferguson Bakehouses, Nursery Traders, Cater Care Group, Better Place and Focus Press as well as local governments and investors.

Business owners and managers, government agencies and company directors are encouraged to attend to learn how to profit from taking a triple bottom line approach to business. Use the day to address misconceptions and myths and to seek advise from leading local, national and international business and sustainability advisors

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