Award Winning Case Studies Breakfast

Go behind the scenes and gain a detailed insight into the strategies behind the PRIA 2009 NSW State Awards for Excellence most outstanding campaigns.  This presentation reveals insights into ten ways to win in 2010, from a Golden Target Awards judge.

  • Presenter: Sylvia Bell

Tourism Queensland - The Best Job in the World

Widely considered as the most successful tourism campaign in the world, The Best Job in the World campaign for the islands of the Great Barrier Reef catapulted global tourism marketing into a whole new realm.

  • Presenter: Kerri Anderson, Corporate Communication Manager of Tourism Queensland

Webinar: Crisis Management

Today’s reality is that no matter where a crisis originates – be it in the boardroom, on-location or even in the middle of the ocean – it will unfold online, potentially going viral within mere minutes. With today’s 24/7 real-time news cycle, how do you get in front of the story when, before you even have time to be briefed on the details and gather your crisis team, reporters, journalists and bloggers are already contacting you for information?

Eye opening, inspiring and educational, this presentation prepares you for today’s crisis realities, making them work for you rather than against you. Melissa will leave you with actionable takeaways so you can answer “yes” to that one important question: Are you ready?

  • Presenter: Melissa Agnes

Webinar: Reputation Management

In this webinar on Reputation Management, we discuss the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of recovering from reputation damage, as well as providing helpful hints you can apply to your career in order to successfully build up and manage a positive reputation.

Webinar: The Future of Public Relations

This Webinar is a panel discussion of the challenges that lie ahead for public relations professionals in the next ten years, from an Australian and an overseas perspective. What will relationships with the media become? Will the breadth of the role continue to increase? Will digital media reduce the nuimber of jobs?

National PRIA President Robina Xavier, the Global Alliance Chair John Paluszek and the Chair of the Public Relations Society of America Gary McCormick have answered a series of questions in turn and discuss the issues confronting communication in the 21st century.


Brian Solis looks into the Silicon Ball - March 2009

Brian Solis looks into the silicon ball and tells us what the next generation of PR might look like.  Solis defined the term PR 2.0 and has recently published his book titled "Putting the Public Back in Public Relations."

  • Presenter: Brian Solis

PR in the Quantum Age (Post Modern PR) - February 2009

A look at how new knowledge is revolutionising the practice of public relations in an era of continuous information flow.

  • Presenter: John Beardsley APR

James E Grunig reflects on PR over the last 60 years - February 2009

On the 60th Anniversary of the PRIA, where have we come from and where might we be going? James E Grunig, Professor Emeritus for the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland, is one of the most prominent communication theorists and will reflect on the last 50 years of public relations' progress and make some predictions about where it might be headed.

  • Presenter: James E Grunig, Professor Emeritus for the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland

Reaching a Wider Audience through Dynamic Online Events - October 200

Physical events can be high risk when it comes to ROI or cost per lead. They require a lot of pre-planning, budget and resources and no-show rates can make or break the outcome. In a region as large as Australia, they can also be limiting when it comes to reach. This Webinar identifies when the environment is right for an online event, address the fears and myths around this online communication medium and how easy it is to integrate it into your current marketing or communication plan.

  • Presenter: Joanne Rigby, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific at Premiere Global Services

PR in the Fast Lane

This presentation was aimed at practice owners and covers professional and commercial dilemmas, why it’s eating your profits and what you can do about it.  

  • Presenter: Neil Backwith, management consultant, trainer and mentor
  • Where and When: RCG National Conference, September 2008

PR in a converging digital world - June 2008

Our worlds are converging. The lines between television, web, and mobile devices are blurring each day, and as professional communicators, it's incumbent on the PR industry to embrace these digital tools... but with a new blog launched less than every two seconds, and a new social media site just around the corner, knowing where - and how - to start can be a challenge.

  • Presenter: Matt Overington, Digital Strategist at Hill & Knowlton Australia

How to create a winning Golden Target Award entry - April 2008

Last year there were a record number of entries to the Golden Target Awards and the judges have noticed the quality of the programs is increasing.  To help you get the edge we have invited two of the Institute's leading lights on best practice to talk about what makes an award winning entry.  

  • Presenters: Peter Baker will talk with Rob Masters about the key tips and strategies that make your entry stand out.

How to Prepare for Social Media before you flick the switch - March 20

The Australian Centre for Public Communication in conjunction with Media Monitors recently launched research into the "use of new media in the 2007 Australian Federal Election" titled 'E-Electioneering".  At the launch Prof Jim Mcnamara quizzed the audience to guess - who was the only sitting member of a major political party to allow negative comment to be published on their blog? Malcolm Turnbull.

  • Presenter - Thomas Tudehope is the Chief Online Strategist behind the Malcolm Turnbull campaign and has been working on his web presence since the beginning.

The State of Online PR - March 2008

Has the promise of online and social media been met by the communication profession and how can we do it better?

  • Presenter: Jeremy Woolf Peer Media Lead and Vice President, Text 100 Asia Pacific

Case Studies from the Golden Target Award Winners - February 2008

Listen to presenters talk about their award winning case studies including:

  • Woolworths Limited - Luke Schepen Edelman (now Woolworths) Dought Relief Action Day, NSW
  • Peet Limited - Marie Mills, Mills Wilson Communication Consultants WA
  • Brisbane Aquifer Project - Donna Marshall, Marcom Communication QLD

Evolution and Innovation in Corporate Information Strategy - February

From instant messaging and micro-blogging to Facebook and LinkedIn, corporate information strategies are rapidly evolving to include a wide spectrum of Web 2 and social media technologies.

  • Presenter: Lorraine Worley, Product Specialist, Asia Pacific Dow Jones

Sample two of the leading PR products - November 2007

Kick the tyres and check the duco of two of Australia’s leading services aimed at the public relations and communication profession.

  • Media Monitors presented by Gregg Amies, General Manager Aus/NZ.
  • Vocus presented by Beshara Sharbean, Director, Preference Technology - Vocus Sales Australia/NZ.

Advocating ideas, changing attitudes and influencing government - Sept

Andy Myles, Former Chief Executive, Scottish Liberal Democrats.

On the eve of the Australian Election this presentation by a seasoned campaigner looks at how you can effectively advocate ideas and work to change attitudes and influence governments.

Take a Tour of Second Life with Text 100 - Sept 2007

Text 100 was the first PR company to open for business in Second Life - a rapidly growing virtual world in which people can interact, create, educate, play, and work in a 3-D environment.

Join Adrianne Kern and Lukas Picton from Text 100 for a discussion about the establishment of a virtual office, as part of their commitment to educating staff on the communications possibilities in the virtual world and breaking ground with clients in a new medium. 

Internal Branding - what is it and why should I pay attention? - July

Internal branding has now been around for over a decade and is well passed the "fad" stage. The concept has great value but is still causing confusion. The terminology doesn't help with brand engagement, assimilation alignment and equity, the internal brand and employer branding.

In this webinar which was presented on the 25 July by Rodney Gray FPRIA cracks open internal branding and the role of internal communication in helping to deliver the brand promise. 

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