PRIA's Mentoring Program

PRIA's mentoring program is designed to help our members grow and reach their potential, no matter what stage of career they are at. PRIA currently has mentoring programs available in NSW and WA.

PRIA's mentors and mentees are both at different stages of professional development and we carefully match each mentoring relationship.PRIA establishes mentoring relationships from both in-house and consultancies.

Being a mentor or mentee usually means meeting once a month for about an hour and perhaps occasional emails or phone calls. There is not a huge time commitment required, but a lot to be gained.


Being a mentor can be extremely rewarding. If you have a minimum of 8 - 10 years experience and are currently managing one or more staff, you could be a great mentoring candidate.

Mentoring will help you hone your own management skills and get you thinking outside of your own sphere of interest. Your role as a mentor is to help a mentee understand their career potential and to support, counsel, motivate and teach them about their profession, providing a confidential sounding board.

PRIA's Mentoring Support Teams are very supportive and provide a mentoring kit explaining your role, advice and from time to time puts on training sessions to help enhance your mentoring skills."Seeing the mentee benefit from what I often just take for granted. Nice to pass on some tips."


Being a mentee can help you fast-track your career. Having the independent advice and guidance of a more senior PR practitioner can help you focus on what you need to do to achieve your professional goals. To be a mentee you must be a PRIA member, have a degree and have at least 2 years public relations experience.

For more details on each states' mentoring program follow or if would like to become involved as a mentor or a mentee please contact the appropriate coordinator person in your state:

"[My mentor] offers very practical advice for specific issues I face at my workplace. It helps that he is also in the financial services industry and a wealth of experience behind him, so he could completely relate to my frustrations and challenges, while at the same time celebrating my achievements and 'wins'. You can't imagine how great it is to speak to someone outside of my workplace and who understands the demands of the communication industry - its highs and lows and everything in-between…All in all, best thing I ever did in applying for the program."