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    Attendance at kindred events* (where applicable), conferences or any other activity may earn PRearn CPD points to a maximum of 10 points in a year. *applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis (ranging from 0.5 - 1 point per hour).

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  • Fri, May 29 2015
    Webinar: Issue and Crisis Management

    One of the uniquely contradictory aspects of the PR business is that we most often pay attention to bad practice rather than good practice. That anomaly is especially true with issues and crises, where high profile PR disasters tend to grab our attention. Tony Jaques draws on the breadth of his experience and scholarship to describe best practice in Issues and Crisis Management.

  • Wed, Jun 10 2015
    An Armchair Conversation: Reclaiming Public Relations

    Join us at this cosy city location for the first of a series of armchair conversations with senior PR practitioners.

    At this first event we will hear from Dr James Mahoney, LFPRIA, who will argue that public relations is in danger of losing its relevance if it continues to focus on delivering tactics rather than apply the planned strategy approach implicit in definitions – including the PRIA’s.

  • Fri, Jun 19 2015
    Webinar: Golden Target Awards 2015

    The Golden Targets entry and judging process starts on 1 June and the newly appointed Chairs of the GTA Committee, Angela Coombes and Grant Smith, will outline the process, categories, format, criteria and people that drive the premier PR awards in Australia.