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  • Partner Events

    Attendance at kindred events* (where applicable), conferences or any other activity may earn PRearn CPD points to a maximum of 10 points in a year. *applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis (ranging from 0.5 - 1 point per hour).

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  • Fri, Sep 04 2015
    Webinar: Corporate and Social Consciousness in Public Relations

    Is public relations merely a transactional practice, or can it be a deeply meaningful, relational one? Sandra Duhe , at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, gives insight on becoming socially responsible practitioners

  • Thu, Sep 17 2015
    Webinar: RIP AVE. Hello True PR-ROI

    The Barcelona Principles 2.0 launched on 3 September 2015 demonstrate international agreement to end the use of AVEs. To find out what the best standard practice to replace them, join Michael Ziviani (Precise Value) and Rhys Kelly (The Smith Family) on Thursday,17 September.

  • Tue, Sep 29 2015
    Storytelling for Leaders and Communicators: Full Day Workshop

    We're excited to announce a full day workshop is coming up in September, facilitated by leading storyteller for businesses and Founder of Anecdote, Mark Schenk.

    ​Storytelling for Leaders program is business focused, practical, and designed to provide skills that can be applied immediately, teaching you how to tap into the power of activities to foster learning in key six ways.

    Who should attend? Anyone who needs to communicate, lead or manage communication plus Project Managers, consultants and trainers. With its rich content and attractive ticket price, this one is not to be missed.

  • Tue, Nov 10 2015
    An Armchair Conversation: the role of the chainsaw in public relations

    Join us for another intimate evening armchair conversation over wine and canapes in the cosy 332 Manhattan cafe on Tuesday 10 November.

    With extensive experience as a journalist, followed by nearly 20 years as a diplomat specialising in public affairs and cultural relations in Indonesia, the Philippines and Germany, Neil Smail FPRIA is bringing his anecdotes and knowledge to you for this next armchair conversation.