New South Wales

  • Wed, Mar 29 2017
    PRIA Brings Creative and Engagement Learning to the Border

    The Public Relations Institute of Australia is staging a significant event on the Victorian-NSW border to help bring its services closer to the regions!

    The first regional PRIA event in Wodonga will offer great insights and opportunity for professional development in practice areas of stakeholder engagement and creative strategy.

    It will take place in Wodonga on Wednesday, 29 March 2017.

  • Wed, May 03 2017
    Street Cred: Creativity & getting a brand’s story into culture

    Ever thought about how culture gets created? Where does street cred come from, how do trends happen, how to change the story and start a new culture? At a strategic level, PR is about inspiring hearts and minds, shaping the agenda and contributing to culture – popular or other. PR is about storytelling. It is about capturing imaginations, generating buzz, talkability and trends. We have a panel of creative thinkers, inspiring brands and stimulating minds to share their thoughts of how to get a brand’s story into culture, and how to continually shape a story so it continually defines culture. This event will also include a sneak-peak behind the scenes of the Nova 96.9 FM studios.

  • Tue, May 23 2017
    PRIA PD: Measurement and Evaluation - Sydney

    Upgrade to industry best practice in research, objectives, measurement and evaluation to improve your results, demonstrate success and show the worth of public relations in today’s increasingly evidence-based world.

    The workshop covers the fundamentals of the PRIA’s Principles on Best Practice in Research, Measurement and Evaluation of Public Relations to upgrade and refresh participants’ knowledge and assist them to coach and direct others in these vital skills.

  • Tue, Jun 13 2017
    PRIA Vivid Ideas Event: Shaping Hearts and Minds - Brand Purpose, Values and Aspirations

    PRIA's 2017 Vivid Ideas Event

    Brands are increasingly standing for social issues. We are seeing an intersection between brand purpose, values, consumer aspiration and consumption. Consumers are demanding purposeful brands that stand for something bigger. They want to use their consumer dollar to make a real contribution to social issues or cultural change. Have values and social capital merged with consumerism, or is this the new way to make real change?

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