• Fri, Apr 10 2015
    Webinar: Lobbying rules and trends: Australian updates and UK perspectives


    Director of UK Public Affairs Council, Gill Morris, on lobbying rules and trends: Australian updates and UK perspectives.

  • Fri, Apr 17 2015
    Webinar: Digital Marketing Strategy

    How do you develop an impactful digital marketing strategy? What are the key elements of a successful digital marketing strategy? And how do you drive engagement and participation? Jovina Ang will share best practices from Microsoft, Dell and Sun Microsystems.

  • Fri, May 08 2015
    Webinar: G4 and Sustainability Reporting

    It’s no longer about measuring your energy emissions, or deal with social and governance issues, with GRI’s G4 guidelines, companies are now expected to report on the issues that are most material to their businesses. Derryn Heilbuth, of BWD, explains what is now required.