On 26 July 2016, PRIA Members in Extraordinary General Meeting of the PRIA approved a major update to the Institute’s National Constitution.

Our previous Constitution was drafted and amended over time to suit a very different style of organisation and while there have been numerous changes, it became clear that the document no longer served us in our form as a Company Limited by Guarantee.In fact it had become more of a restrictive set of rules than one that enabled appropriate governance and provided clarity for all Members, Divisions, Committees and management of PRIA.

This approved version is effective immediately and involved changes to 38 of the 84 Clauses, following consultation with a broad representation of our Members, the College of fellows, the Registered Consultancies Group and the ECC.

I commend the New Constitution to our membership.

Arthur E Delbridge AM. LFPRIA. FAMI
Hon. Secretary and Director (2016)
Public Relations Institute of Australia

View the Public Relations Institute of Australia Constitution, last updated 26 July 2016.