Advocating for PRIA members while promoting the value of public relations and communication to the government and bureaucracy is an important priority for PRIA. To do this, we address legislative and regulatory issues that affect the PR profession by making our position known on policies, inquiries and other government initiatives and by participating on various working groups and committees from time to time.

We also strive to keep our members informed about federal and state legislative and regulatory activities through newsletters, bulletins and website updates.

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Position Statements


PRIA prepares formal submissions on a range of business issues relevant to communication practitioners, our Registered Consultancies (RCGs) and the PR profession in general.

Recent Submissions:

Other Submissions Made:

Advocacy Activities

  • Application for a PR industry Award
    PRIA's Registered Consultancies Group participated in Fair Work Australia hearings regarding an application by the Media and Entertainment and Arts Alliance to make a modern award for the public relations industry. The full bench determined that a modern award was not necessary. Click here for more information.

  • Lobbying Code of Conduct and the Lobbyists Register
    In March 2010, PRIA participated in a successful roundtable meeting to discuss the Federal Government's lobbying framework. The meeting was organised as part of the Government's commitment to keep the operation of the Lobbying Code of Conduct and the Lobbyists Register under constant review. PRIA, invited by Cabinet Secretary Senator Ludwig, was an active participant in the roundtable discussion. Click here for more information.

  • Review of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Initiative Ranked Journal and Conference Lists
    PRIA is consulting with its members through its National Education Committee to inform PRIA submissions to be made as part of a public consultation on various ranked journals. Contact Julian Kenny, National Education Officer for further information.

Committee Participation

PRIA participates in the following Committees and working parties:

  • Response Ability for Public Relations - PRIA is a member of the Expert Working Group for the project which operates to enhance the knowledge and skills of public relations students so that they will be prepared to respond appropriately to communication issues relating to suicide and mental illness.

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