Corporate Governance


PRIA is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the public relations and communication profession and its status to the broader community with the intended result being that the public relations and communication profession is strong, viable and viewed positively. As such, PRIA is committed to ensuring that as a national industry body we lead by example in how PRIA as an organisation is governed.

PRIA's Board

The governing body of PRIA's organisation, the board, provides oversight within the framework of relevant legislation (including the Corporations Act), Constitution and the Board Charter.

The responsibilities of the board include setting and reviewing PRIA's strategic direction, monitoring organisational performance, the appointment of the chief executive officer and deciding on key policy positions to take on behalf of the profession.

The board consists of up to 13 directors. There are 5 national directors, one of whom is the president, and 8 division representatives. The procedure for the appointment of directors can be found in PRIA's Constitution.

PRIA's Divisions

PRIA is a federation of 8 state and territory divisions. Each division maintains a Division Council and is supported by National Office Staff.

The role and responsibility of division councils, as documented in the Constitution and Division Charter, includes to advise the board and chief executive officer on policy and membership matters; to represent PRIA in the division’s territory and; to support the operations of the office (events, member service and education programs).

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 04 2015