The Public Relations Institute of Australia conducts a formal accreditation process which recognises diplomas and degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels that have as their primary objective the thorough preparation of students for a career in public relations and communication.

The discipline of Public Relations and communication is built on a body of knowledge that is a prerequisite for professional practice. PRIA’s accreditation process contributes to transmitting this knowledge to the present and future generations by reviewing education programs against established criteria, derived from the PRIA Professional Framework. The advantages of PRIA accreditation operate at three levels:

  • educational providers demonstrate that they have committed to an extensive and ongoing process to ensure their courses align with current industry practice;

  • educators and academics play a vital role in progressing the profession in concert with the industry body; and

  • graduates are equipped with best practice skills and competencies that make them attractive to potential employers.

Accreditation certification last three years from the date of approval and applies to the degree major - not to the Institution as a whole. Majors that appear in different degree programs within the same Institution require separate applications. However, if the major is the same (eg Bachelor of Communication [PR Major] and a Bachelor of Business [PR Major]) across both degrees, the application fee is reduced. It involves an initial application and external reviews, conducted by the Education Community Committee, supported by a team of education experts. After three years the accreditation expires and a new accreditation application needs to be completed. Payment for accreditation occurs at the time of applying, and is invoiced by the PRIA.

The accreditation guidelines are provided as a minimum standard for public relations and communication degrees. The following links to documentation are provided to assist institutions seeking accreditation:

PRIA invites accreditation applications from Universities, Vocational Education and Training Providers, and Private Training Institutions. For more information, contact PRIA or calling 02 9331 3346.