Frequently Asked Questions

How will this event be hosted?

This event will be hosted via Zoom, so attendees will be able to dial into the masterclass from their living room, office or wherever you will be working from on 2 July. Attendees will be able to chat with colleagues over the built-in chat functionality, ask questions of speakers and experience all of the normal benefits of a live PRIA masterclass.

How will the networking session work?

We know - you've been cooped up at home for a while, so we have organised an opportunity to meet other attendees, speakers and members of the PRIA community. At the beginning and end of the day, all attendees will be placed into virtual breakout rooms, where you'll be able to discuss the day's events and proceedings with other attendees. These will be randomised, and then after ten minutes with one group we'll reconvene and you'll be placed in another group. 

What will I take away from attending?

Attendees will be provided with the knowledge and skills to build communications strategies that appropriately deal with the current economic, health and cultural challenges facing Australia. With speakers ranging from small, nimble agency heads, heads of functions within large corporates and international keynotes, you'll be equipped to tackle the challenges of any situation.

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