National & Webinars

  • Tue, May 30 2017
    PRIA PD: Measurement and Evaluation - Brisbane

    Are you demonstrating the true value of PR?

    Upgrade to industry best practice in research, objectives, measurement and evaluation to improve your results, demonstrate success and show the worth of public relations in today’s increasingly evidence-based world.

    The workshop covers the fundamentals of the PRIA’s Principles on Best Practice in Research, Measurement and Evaluation of Public Relations to upgrade and refresh participants’ knowledge and assist them to coach and direct others in these vital skills.

  • Fri, Jun 23 2017
    PRIA PD: How to Crack a Strategy - Sydney

    How to Crack a Strategy

    Being able to develop a compelling, actionable strategy is an important step in every PR person's career. Susan Redden Makatoa, PRIA Fellow, GTA winner and Managing Director of Capable Comms, will lead this half-day session. The workshop will combine theory in memorable, easy-to-grasp terms with practical exercises to put this knowledge into action. Every participant will come away with a robust, step-by-step process that is flexible enough to use for consumer, corporate, public affairs, and specialty strategies