1. B2B Campaign
    Recognising work to promote products and/or services from one business to another, a business sector or the business community at large.
  2. Community Relations and Engagement
    Highlighting campaigns that successfully improve connections and relationships between targeted communities and organisations.
  3. Consumer Campaign – Product
    Honouring outstanding success in the ongoing development, repositioning, reinvigoration or re-launch of an established consumer product brand or the launch of a new product or brand.
  4. Consumer Campaign – Service
    Applauding outstanding success in the ongoing development, repositioning, reinvigoration or re-launch of an established consumer service brand or the launch of a new service or brand.
  5. Corporate Reputation Management Campaign
    Acknowledging campaigns which launch, build or enhance a company’s or organisation’s reputation to achieve key business objectives.
  6. Crisis and Issues Management Campaign
    Recognising campaigns which effectively manage an issue or a crisis adversely impacting the operation of a private or public sector business, brand or the well-being of a community.
  7. Digital, Social and/or Content Campaign
    Celebrating exceptional content and social/digital work that engages audiences through earned, owned and paid media to deliver tangible business or brand outcomes.
  8. Experiential or Activation Campaign
    Showcasing work that successfully engages audiences to bring a product or service to life in the physical world through events or activations including live experiences in audiences’ homes during government-enforced restrictions on gatherings.
  9. Financial Communications Campaign
    Highlighting best-in-class work that successfully influences investors and the financial community regarding a company raising capital, selling, buying or bidding for significant assets, or restructuring/turnaround including administrations.
  10. Government Sponsored Campaign
    Recognising success by or on behalf of a government department or agency in advancing public understanding of a societal issue or government initiative.

    Note:Programs aimed at enhancing an organisation’s standing with government or directly servicing the organisation’s interests fall into Category 18 – Pubic Affairs and Advocacy Campaign.
  11. Health Campaign
    Applauding strategic, innovative work to improve community health and wellbeing.
  12. Influencer Campaign
    Spotlighting effective, creative PR campaigns that engage influencers and/or ambassadors to boost brand awareness and achieve business objectives.
  13. Integrated Marketing and Communication Campaign
    Showcasing PR-led campaigns displaying exceptional strategic and creative thinking leveraging multi-disciplinary channels and tactics in an integrated manner to deliver great business outcomes.
  14. Internal Communication Campaign
    Acknowledging best-of-breed employee communications programs to foster adoption of management initiatives, organisational change or improve culture and engagement.
  15. Media Relations Campaign
    Recognising the most effective, creative and successful use of media relations to influence behaviour and meet and exceed business objectives.
  16. PR-Led Brand Partnership Campaign
    Spotlighting insightful, strategic and creative partnerships between brands to unleash campaigns that truly raise the bar and deliver superior outcomes.
  17. Pro Bono Campaigns
    Honouring phenomenal work by public relations professionals on behalf of not-for-profit clients or community or philanthropic causes where no payment for services was received.
  18. Public Affairs and Advocacy Campaign
    Celebrating programs that successfully influenced public policy and/or political affairs at any level of government, either through direct lobbying or creating popular support through the community.

    Note: Campaigns aimed at changing community behavior without generating support for change in public policy or political affairs should be entered in Category 10 – Government Sponsored Campaign.
  19. Regional Communications Campaign
    Applauding campaigns celebrating exceptional thinking and execution to influence rural or regional Australians or a specific state, territory or city.
  20. Research/Data-Driven Campaign
    Shining a light on campaigns founded on clever research and analytics, crack insights and innovative ideas that clearly bring a brand’s story to life.
  21. Small Budget Campaign of the Year
    Celebrating campaigns which achieved phenomenal outcomes on budgets of $25,000 or less.
  22. Thought Leadership Campaign
    Highlighting insightful campaigns where organisations have led discussion or action on a subject of key importance to their target audiences to make meaningful change.


  1. Emerging Leader of the Year
    Recognising exceptional in-house or agency talent with two to five years’ industry experience.
  2. Professional of the Year
    Celebrating outstanding public relations and communications specialists – in-house or agency-side – who have made a significant contribution to their business and advancing the profession.
  3. Leader of the Year
    Honouring inspirational public relations and communications industry leaders who have made a tangible difference in an agency or in-house role.
  4. Student of the Year *
    Celebrating outstanding public relations and communications students – our future industry success stories.
  5. Educator of the Year *
    Honouring inspirational public relations and communications educators who have added significant value to their students’ outcomes and careers and advancing the public relations profession.

* This category has its own criteria


  1. In-House Team of the Year
    Recognising the best in-house public relations and communications teams.
  2. Agency Team of the Year
    Spotlighting the best agency teams in Australia.


  1. Agency of the Year – Small/Boutique
    Recognising awesome public relations consultancies with up to nine staff.
  2. Agency of the Year – Medium-Sized
    Showcasing outstanding agencies with 10 to 29 staff.
  3. Agency of the Year - Large
    Applauding extraordinary agencies with 30 or more staff.