Q   Do I need to create a new account on the submission portal?

Yes. We have moved to a new Awards portal this year and all entrants will need to create a new account.

You can access the portal through our Awards homepage.

Q   What is the word limit and is it flexible?

The word limit is a maximum of 1,000 words for entries to all Golden Target Award categories. 

Please note supporting materials such as budget documents do not count towards the word count.

Entrants will be penalised if their submissions blatantly disregard the word count.

Q   I have not been able to get the ‘Client Approval Form’ completed in time. What can I do?

Without a client approval form (required for campaign awards), the entry cannot be considered.

If you forgot to complete the form, you can sumbit this separately to the National Office before late entries close on Friday, 28 August 2020.

Q   What do you do if there are large discrepancies between the judges’ scores?

All entries are assessed by at least three judges to ensure they are properly and fairly considered. 

The judges will discuss any disparities in marking during a judges’ teleconference. They will consider the merits of the entries and review the allocation of marks.

If a consensus cannot be reached, the Chief Judge will be called in to assist with the adjudication.

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