University of Technology, Sydney

Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate coordinator: Mai Hansford phone: 02 9514 2748

These courses are focused on developing the professional communication skills and strategies required for a career in public relations or advertising, fields which are converging into a new, broader and more challenging future. Students explore the communication contexts for these practices - cultural, social and political, and develop their professional skills in campaign design and production, copywriting, media liaison and writing, research and evaluation, sponsorship and event management. Combined degrees are offered with International Studies or Law.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate advisor: Mai Hansford phone: 02 9514 2748

These postgraduate courses focus on developing the understanding and strategic communication skills required for a successful career in communication management, and in specialised areas within the field of practice. Our lecturers are experienced communication professionals who create clear links between professional practice and academic concepts and research. Our students are challenged to think critically and independently as they hone their practical skills within the framework of ethical and responsible communication.

UTS City Campus is located on Broadway, a few minutes' walk from Railway Square. To find out more about our courses, please view our website and also come along to a postgraduate information evening, four held each year.


Last Updated: Tue, Jun 07 2016