Terms of Reference: PRIA Education Community & Community Commitee

The PRIA National Board accepted a proposal at the August 2015 meeting to create a nationwide Education Community (EduCom), bringing together all PRIA special interest groups and individual members with an interest in education, professional development (PD), and related matters.

The EduCom is to meet the identified need for greater engagement of, and participation by, the Institute’s membership who are stakeholders in education and professional development. Up until now, the academic community, professional development think tank and the committee for the professional development framework have worked on separate programs and policies. They will now work together, share knowledge and leverage resources by drawing on the skills and expertise of the entire PRIA membership.

Simultaneously, the Education Community Committee (ECC) is being established to oversee and guide all programs within the Education Community, to represent the interests of stakeholders in PR education and to advise the national board on PRIA policies related to education and professional development, including – but not limited to – accreditation, mentoring, academic matters, bequested foundations, scholarships and trusts.

The ECC is being established according to section 55 of the PRIA Constitution and this document outlines the terms of reference, as required by the PRIA constitution. As per section 55.3, “all resolutions passed or act done by [the ECC] shall be reported by the [ECC] Chairman to the National Board either orally or in writing prior to the next National Board Meeting of the Company”.

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 18 2015