The Donald Dyer Scholarship

The Donald Dyer Scholarship for public relations and communication is the largest research scholarship available in Australia for communication scholars and practitioners.

This Scholarship commemorates the outstanding contribution of Donald Dyer MBE LFPRIA to the founding of the PRIA. The Donald Dyer Scholarship was made possible by the generous bequest from the late Sylvia Dyer.

Applicants will be required to provide a curriculum vitae and two-page written statement outlining:

  • The research to be undertaken as part of their higher degree.
  • A statement from the university where the scholar will study, confirming that the applicant is eligible for a postgraduate research degree at that university, and detailing the course of study and the research program.
  • How the research will make a significant contribution to the development of the practice of the public relations profession.
  • Career goals and future plans
  • How the scholarship will help achieve their ambitions.
  • Other contributing evidence of the worthiness of the applicant may be drawn from referee reports, publications, professional experience, research field, communication skills, leadership potential and opportunities to interact with related disciplines in developing and implementing the research.

The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of:

  • High academic achievement
  • Content of the written statement
  • Performance at an interview

The scholarship may be awarded to more than one student in any year, subject to the recommendation of the selection committee, and subject to funds being available. (Having in mind that two or three students may already be in the pipeline over two or three years.)

Should no suitable candidate apply then no scholarship will be awarded and the funds carried forward to a subsequent year.

Recipients will be required to have membership of PRIA or to take up membership. Scholars will be encouraged to attend PRIA and other communication conventions, conferences and seminars.

Terms and Conditions:

The scholarship is available to an outstanding public relations, corporate communication, or marketing communication scholar or practitioner who is capable of making a significant contribution to the development of the practice of the public relations profession. It is open to Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia or eligible prospective international students. Australian applicants will be favoured. International students will be required to study on a fulltime basis.

Commencing higher degree research students – namely, Doctoral or Masters by Research candidates – studying in the field of public relations and/or communication are eligible to apply. Applicants would normally be expected to hold a first class honours degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline. Students may study fulltime, parttime or by distance mode.

The annual value of the scholarship will, in the first year, be $30,000 for a maximum of three years (for a fulltime student) with a six-month extension for Doctorate of Philosophy candidates. The scholarship will run for two years for a Masters degree (fulltime). An additional annual lump sum of $5,000 will be provided to cover costs such as research-related expenses, conferences, overseas study and minor expenses as detailed in the scholar’s application. The stipend and expenses will be adjusted for parttime and distance education students. The stipend is normally paid fortnightly.

The applicant will need to show evidence that he/she will be accepted into an appropriate higher degree study program at an Australian university which has programs accredited by the PRIA.

Continuation of the scholarship will be subject to continued enrolment and satisfactory academic progress. Recipients will provide progress reports during their studies and a final report at the completion of their program.

At all speaking engagements and publications arising from the scholarship, recipients will provide the following acknowledgement: “I/the author acknowledge/s with gratitude the award of the Donald Dyer Scholarship for supporting this research. The scholarship commemorates the outstanding contribution of Donald Dyer to the founding of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and advancement of thepractice of public relations.”

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 12 2017