EMQ & De Wintern create world's best crisis management team

Tue, Oct 18 2011

Two of the best practitioners of crisis management, EMQ and The De Wintern Group (De Wintern), have announced a strategic partnership to offer a complete crisis and emergency management service. The two organisations have complementary skills and in-depth knowledge that ensures their clients get the best available crisis management expertise.

The EMQ team are expert technicians with backgrounds that span a range of industries including marine and mining engineering, and various branches of the military and police. EMQ specialises in crisis and emergency operational management systems, tools and training services and has helped some of the largest and most issues rich organisations in the world protect themselves, by empowering them to better manage and prepare for situations and crises that damage reputation. EMQ’s proprietary online platform, called EMQnet, hosts the crisis management systems of many large multinational organisations.

De Wintern manages the strategic communications component of crises management and the team are experts in reputation protection. Managing director David Van has managed some of Australia’s largest crises over the past twenty years and has advised on three Royal Commissions. De Wintern provides clients with reputation resilience by deploying proprietary crisis and issues management tools.

EMQ and De Wintern’s combined offering will facilitate complete reputational protection across clients’ businesses by helping them safeguard their reputation during their day to day operations and through their communications efforts.

“Our expertise is in the operational side of crisis management and we offer our clients complete protection in this space.However up until now we lacked the resource to provide clients with complete reputational protection through strategic communications,” said EMQ managing director, Gary Rigby. “Partnering with De Wintern allows us to provide clients with an end-to-end issues, crisis, and reputation management package, not only in the reactive stage but also in the proactive ongoing management of issues.”

“Every PR agency with a website seems to offer ‘crisis management’ but few have any real expertise and even those that do only offer the communications aspect of crisis management. Our partnership with EMQ allows us to provide the broadest and deepest expertise available,” said De Wintern managing director, David Van. “This partnership positions us in the market place as a leader in issues and crises management within Australia and across the globe.”

EMQ and De Wintern have worked across the table from each other on a number of different client projects and it was clear both organisations have the highest level of expertise available so it made sense to offer clients the best of both organisations,“ said Van.

“This is not just a loose referral arrangement but a true cooperative partnership designed to bring our clients true expertise,” said Rigby. “We will move towards a formal merger or some sort of JV once we see that this arrangement delivers real value to our clients.”

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