Results of survey - State of Play: Social Media in Corporate Australia

Fri, Nov 25 2011

In preparation for the Social Media & Communications Summit that took place in Sydney this month, SR7 and Thinque undertook a ground-breaking research project into the use of social media in corporate Australia.

The project identified and analysed the key trends, risks and opportunities shaping social media usage in Australia.

The State of Play: social media in corporate Australia 2011/12 Report has been compiled to follow the well-recognised SWOT approach to considering business challenges and opportunities. It covers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with social media nominated by survey respondents.

The report provides participants and delegates with insights into the current trends amongst some of Australia’s leading corporations, government departments and NGOs in relation to the usage of social media and its integration into the business plans of various organisations.

Read the report.

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