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Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the employment sector, PRIA is now offering you the opportunity to upload your details on the Jobs Board for free whether you are an employer seeking new talent or a candidate seeking employment.

All listings are provided by the potential applicant and details are current at the time of listing.

Name: Mandii Carr


Phone: 0433 626 344

Type of work: Full time, part time and casual

Location: NSW

About me: My name is Mandii Carr and I am in my final year as Bachelor of Communications student, where I am majoring in Public Relations. Additionally, I also hold my Bachelor of Arts where I majored in Cultural Anthropology. Outside of my studies, I’ve also been fortunate enough to have casual roles as a professional staff member at Western Sydney University as well as working between retail and the hospitality industries. On a more personal note, I am 31 years old and live in the Penrith area with my roommates. I have extensive experience working in a large organisation, such as Western Sydney University. Our University has over 2000 employees and 10 campuses across Australia. I’ve also been employed by various divisions at Western Sydney University which highlights my ability to adapt to new challenges, tasks and grow in a company. I have been lucky enough to work in Research Services, providing general administrative support to my team. I have experience working in meetings and have skills in minute taking and creating agendas and working within timeframes in accordance to the procedures. More recently, I have been working as a project assistant in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, working on delivering communications for the Centre for Western Sydney. I am able to work autonomously and within a team, which I have highlighted during my time at Western Sydney University, from my early beginnings as a student representative until my most recent position. I work within ethical frameworks and have had the opportunity to sit on panels and sit in on meetings with sensitive content ensuring all participants’ confidentiality was retained. On top of these skills, I have also worked in retail, selling shoes to adult products. I have incredibly refined interpersonal skills as well as impeccable communications skills, including managing conflict resolution. I am innovative and goal-orientated with a strong work ethic, particularly when I am passionate about my role. While I understand your company may be taking a risk by opting to employ me, I can assure you all that you will not regret it. I am looking to create a career where I can grow with the company I am working with. I am looking forward to hearing from you in regards to this role. Warmest regards, Mandii

**added 14/01/2021

Name: Jeswin Thomas


Phone: 0481 841 690

Type of work: Full time

Location: All Australia

About me: I am a business and communications consultant with over seven years of work experience in a multitude of industries. I have worked in the Public Relations, Public Affairs, Government & Regulatory Affairs space servicing clients operating in the infrastructure, telecommunications, aviation, and media industries. I have also interned with the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government while pursuing my Master of Business Administration from James Cook University. I am currently looking for full-time jobs and am willing to relocate to any state in Australia.

**added 14/01/2021

Name: Ellen Ouyang


Phone: 0405 828 265

Type of work: Full time, part time and casual

Location: ACT and NSW

About me: My name is Ellen. I'm a passionate communicator, with a solid engineering background, who believes quality communications can provide immeasurable value to organisations. My experience within the field includes content production in non-profit organisation and strategic marketing planning in private sector, complimented with academic qualification having completed a Master of Strategic Communication (awarded Dean’s Excellence Award in 2019). Before I moved on with my Communications career, I had worked as a mobile network engineer for a few years. Through managing multiple projects and taking leadership roles, I realised the power and importance of communications within and beyond an organisation. My work was never purely technical work, but it was always about understanding, presenting ideas and communicating. Thus, I was determined to pursue my passion in Communications. I'm skilled in content creating, being able to use different digital tools such as Hootsuite and WordPress, marketing strategies (market research) and relationship building (deep listening and consultation skills). I'm looking for job opportunities in the ACT or NSW preferably, but also open to other states if the right opportunity comes up.

**added 11/01/2021

Name: Gabrielle Wise


Phone: 0431 067 730

Type of work: Full time and part time

Location: QLD

About me: As a young and motivated individual graduating in this turbulent year of 2020, I recognize the importance of beginning my career in a way that allows me to build a solid and reliable base of experience and contacts from which I can grow as a professional within my field. Motivated by challenge, I graduated from university with a 6.05 GPA, achieved while also effectively managing the challenges of part-time employment. My previous and ongoing work within the customer service, client support, and academic fields demonstrate reliability, honesty, integrity, and ability to collaborate.

**added 11/12/2020

Name: Leya Cefai


Phone: 0434 026 293

Type of work: Full time

Location: VIC

About me: I'm Leya, and I am a confident and driven team player who strives to achieve my goals of becoming a PR, Social Media & Marketing boss. I am also obsessed with the Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty industries, and know combining all of these goals and obsessions will drive me further into success. I am a graduate of a Media Communications & Business double degree at Swinburne University and have gained experience through my Marketing Internship at Lenovo, alongside my extensive experience within customer service - over 5 years to be precise (meaning I actually love talking to people). Throughout my full-time degree, I juggled 3 casual jobs, involved myself with Swinburne's Snow Skiing club, went on exchange to Europe to study Digital Marketing, and also managed to still fit in time to go shopping at Universal Store - my one and only love. Through all of this, I have learned how to be interpersonal and relatable to people of all backgrounds. I have learned and understood the value of clear communication and understanding how different people receive different tone/ language. I am critical of all information presented to me, complemented with curiosity as I only wish to understand how people have come to their conclusions. Lastly, I am extremely organised, I feel calm when everything is organised and is set out, for me it is the perfect way to ensure a productive day.

**added 3/12/2020

Name: Christopher White


Phone: 0439 770 719

Type of work: Full time, part time and casual

Location: VIC

About me: Hello, My name is Chris White, and I have recently completed a Graduate Diploma of Communications at Deakin University, with a focus in Public Relations. For the past two years I have been working as the communications officer at Melbourne Cheer Academy, and before that I worked in community engagement for the City of Brampton in Ontario, Canada. I am an Australian who also hold U.K. and Canadian citizenship, and I have work experience in Australia and North America. My primary areas of interest in communications are governmental public relations and crisis communications, however I am open to working in other areas of communications if the opportunity presents itself. I am friendly, hardworking and able to work as a member of a team or remotely where required. I believe that the communications function is crucial to fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships between organizations or governments and their publics, and I am excited to move into the next stage of my professional communications career.

**added 27/11/2020

Name: Adam Bennett


Phone: 0424 147 230

Type of work: Full time, part time and casual

Location: VIC

About me: I am an experienced PR & Communications Specialist, actively seeking my next professional opportunity. With significant experience as a communications, media and public relations professional, I am adept at promoting and protecting dynamic consumer, education, entertainment and lifestyle brands and organisations. Originally a journalist, I have significant experience leading the communications, media and public relations strategies for a uniquely diverse range of organisations, including global travel authority Lonely Planet, international edu-tech consultancy Crimson Education, and flagship arts organisation Melbourne Theatre Company. Whether it’s cutting through jargon to deliver clear messaging, pre-empting issues before they arise, or spearheading earned media campaigns that consistently exceed targets - I’m a leading comms practitioner with skills honed across a uniquely diverse range of industries. Passionate about delivering committed, ethical PR expertise, I am eager to continue my career on a full-time, part-time, or contract basis following a COVID-19 redundancy from Lonely Planet. Specialties: PR, publicity, media relations, writing and editing, issues and crisis management, artist liaison, media training, event management, mentoring

**added 19/11/2020

Name: Zhi Wei Ong


Phone: 0450 807 701

Type of work: Full time and part time

Location: WA

About me: I'm at Public Relations graduated from ECU. I’ve worked in a marketing department in the past (2017-2018) based in Beijing and had developed successful brand recognition for a number of beers imported from France through several different platforms (On Trade, Off Trade, restaurants and bars across the city). Job scopes included managing sponsoring events through budget planning, POS material design, and brand strategising. I had also worked with a craft beer brewery in Beijing (2015-2018) – General Manager Assistant and Import Operator. Apart from assisting day-to-day job and reporting to General Manager: Prepare and record meeting minutes, my role as import operator included: prepare and coordinate shipments of beer from several breweries throughout different countries. Manage communication in liaison with overseas breweries, and duties such as translating product label, health certificate, lab reports to submit to customs in China. Apart from that I had also spent 3 months of internship for the marketing department at Panda Brew and successfully organised a product launch event working along with the team. I’ve left the city in 2018 and decided to pursue the major of Public Relations and hence officially a fresh grad at the moment. I’ve recently volunteered to be part of the organising team for a virtual event named Money Debates Virtual Summit 2020 for 3 months (July-Sept), and I was involved in managing the back-end system (HeySummit), coordinate speakers and moderators, prepared social media posts and successfully ran the webinars as a host on Zoom for a 5 days virtual event. I have a strong passion and desire to work in the communications field. Over the years I’ve also gained cross-cultural skills adapting myself to live in different countries with an opposite cultural environment and language, hence working in a team environment with any diversity is easy for me, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Although it’s been a while being in the work environment, I’m willing to learn and further progress to gain knowledge and develop my skills.

**added 20/10/2020