The Registered Consultancy Group (RCG) Benchmark Study is an independent study designed to benchmark your organisation against communication consultancy industry averages in Australia. This study is prepared in consultation with our Research Partner - YouGov Galaxy. 

For the past 19 years, this study has offered critical insights into public relations and communication consultancy performance, changing practice and business outlook.

Each year, participants receive a personalised, highly confidential report (prepared by YouGov Galaxy) which will show you how their firm compares on metrics including:

  • Revenue and expense (size, type and sources)

  • Gross margin and nett profit 

  • Client size by revenue

  • Staff salary by role and churn

  • Client churn and more than 50 other data points.  

Since 2018, this study:

  • Includes a separate, ten question ‘LITE’ option for firms earning less than $1m per annum.

  • Is open to non-RCG Members. It is free to submit data and those who want to receive their individual report will incur a small fee of $300. 

  • Qualifies all participants for an invitation to the annual PRIA consultancy leaders forum where the industry-wide results of the study will be discussed. 

PLEASE NOTE: The PRIA has no access to individual responses and the results are provided in an aggregated, non-attributed format.  

The 2019 Benchmark Study is now open:

This year's questionnaire should be completed by Friday, 25 October 2019. The survey is best completed by a senior manager, owner or finance manager. 

Participate in the RCG Benchmark Study