The PRIA Registered Consultancies Group (RCG) is the peak body representing chief executives and owners of communication consultancies and provides an authoritative voice on issues relevant to PR consultancy operations.

RCG is the only national organisation that represents the vast range of communication consultancies – from sole practitioners to multi-nationals, from publicists to social media strategists, from government relations to crisis managers, from employee communicators to consumer campaigners and also reaching across the spectrum from stakeholder relations to community engagement advisors.

The RCG has represented PR agencies on matters from industrial reform, professional indemnity and insurances changes, privacy legislation, and global agency best practice for the past 25 years The RCG continues to be an advocate for consultancies, guarding and nurturing the health of the sector.

The RCG provides practical, affordable support by:

  • Assisting RCG owners and operators to improve the performance of their consultancies

  • Capturing potential client interest and connecting prospects to RCG members through exclusive services such as the PRIA Find a Consultancy Directory

  • Promoting RCG consultancies by expanding and educating the market

  • Building better management and business processes by delivering affordable training in areas such as business law, HR policies and leadership techniques for running consultancies

  • Connecting and collaborating with global peers, experts and professional leaders through links with the International Communication Consultancies Organisation (ICCO)

  • Encouraging compliance with PRIA and international codes of ethics

  • Providing a free workplace advice line for employer legal and policy issues

  • Benchmarking consultancy trends and issues each year and their impact on our businesses

  • Communicating with all members to update them on latest trends, issues and 

  • opportunities in both business and public relations

  • Representing the interests of RCG members to government, client groups and the broader profession on issues such as workplace law, lobbyist registration, privacy and security

  • Networking via our social media channels including a Closed LinkedIn Group where members can ask questions of each other and discuss agency best practice

  • Discounts on PRIA memberships when paying for your staff’s individual memberships