College of Fellows

What is it?

The College of Fellows is a senior group of practitioners that brings their collective skills, experience and knowledge together to help guide PRIA through evolving issues in the industry - particularly in the area of ethics. Established in 1987, the College of Fellows strengthens PRIA's ability to pursue its key objectives.

The College of Fellows advises PRIA's board of directors and the state and territory division councils in clarifying policy. They also use their wealth of knowledge to participate in the judging of the Golden Target Awards and State Awards for Excellence.

The College of Fellows objectives include:

  • Retaining and increasing Fellows involvement in PRIA's affairs
  • Providing a forum for PRIA to draw on Fellows experience, judgement and influence
  • Advising the board on matters relevant to PRIA's objectives, policies and activities
  • Acting as a guardian to PRIA's code of ethics
  • Assisting the board with Fellowship nominations

The College Council

Each PRIA state and territory division has a chapter of the College of Fellows. At a local level, the chapter chair can offer advice, counsel and practical help on projects. Collectively, these chairs form PRIA's College Council. The Officer of the College is elected annually. Click here to see the members of the College Council.

The College Council also acts as PRIA's ethics committee when necessary. The committee, or a selected inquiry panel, is charged with investigating allegations of unethical practice by PRIA members.

Am I eligible?

A Fellow of PRIA is person who has:

  • at least 10 years full-time professional public relations experience

  • had senior status in public relations practice or public relations education on a full-time basis for at least 5 years

  • who, having been a Full Member, has in the opinion of PRIA's Board of Directors made an outstanding contribution to the public relations profession through excellence in achievements and adherence to the highest professional standards

Any PRIA member may propose a candidate for fellowship to their PRIA state or territory division Fellowship Nominations Committee (FNC). Each committee includes the local PRIA division president and at least three Fellows. Proposals must be submitted by 31 March each year.

The FNC in each state or territory considers the proposals, agrees on who should be put forward for nomination and then organises a well-documented nomination for each candidate. All nominations should be attentioned to:

Public Relations Institute of Australia
Suite 1, Level 1
44 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Approved submission are then passed on to the College of Fellows Council for consideration. Each Council approved nomination is then forwarded to PRIA's national Board for final judgment.

The assessment criteria includes:

Excellence in achievements and adherence to the highest professional standards
Service to PRIA
Pro-bono service to community organisations

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 06 2018