New Practitioner

What is it?

We have introduced and new membership category Associate – New Practitioner for recent graduates of Public Relations or Communications course at a reduced rate. PRIA is committed to supporting our new and emerging practitioners and students by sharpening their skills and preparing them to excel in the profession. PRIA has a number of great state-based groups that organise events specifically aimed at providing professional support to our younger practitioners. There is always fun and entertainment involved plus it is a great way to start networking!

Am I eligible?

Eligibility is restricted to those who have graduated from a PR or Communications Degree, less than three years ago.

What are the benefits?

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Join Now

To sign up to these amazing benefits you can sign up online or download the application form and email to

For more information please feel free to contact our Membership Services Manager on 02 9331 3346

Price: Membership is $299 per annum from join date or $29 per month for one year.

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 19 2015