Organisational Membership

Organisational Membership supports groups seeking to commit to professional excellence by enrolling their communication staff as PRIA Members.

Senior executives and front line professionals can benefit by aligning their career programmes to the Professional Framework, developed by the PRIA and now being adopted globally as the clear map for ascending levels of seniority and responsibility.

By committing to international best practice PRIA Professional Framework for their communication professionals, each organisation can drive major leadership and implementation improvements.

The key organisations which will benefit:

For communication teams working for government departments, agencies, councils and government funded organisations

For communication teams working across the corporate sector - covers private sector companies and professional consultancy groups (coming soon)

Institutional and Not-for-profit
For universities, industry associations and all not-for-profit groups (coming soon)

How does it work?

Organisations are able to sign up three or more staff Members to individual PRIA Memberships.

The organisation then has the opportunity – with the PRIA – to tailor a cost effective professional development plan for their staff. The plan will reflect the organisation’s needs and identify existing or required skills and knowledge programmes.

The staff members will need to qualify for PRIA Membership as either:

  • Professional Member (MPRIA): For communication professionals with more than five years’ experience in a public relations related role; or who hold a PRIA accredited degree with more than three years’ full time experience in a related role.

In organisations these may be directors, Executive Level 1 and 2, campaign leaders, or practitioners with specific responsibilities for communication.

  • Associate Member (APRIA): These communication professionals with less than five years’ full time experience in public relations related role; or who hold a PRIA accredited degree with under three years’ experience. These are emerging professionals, often project coordinators, new managers, Public Affairs Officers in the public service, or practitioners with responsibility for delivering a PR activity.

The benefits

The benefits of organisational Membership flow two ways – to the organisation and to the Members.

For the organisation:

  • The PRIA will work with organisational Members to tailor and develop the right professional development programmes to suit them – everything from basic writing to managing the mass media and social media to campaign planning and evaluation. Media interview skills, the connected brand, finance for non-finance managers and measurement and research are all areas on the professional development agenda.
  • Organisational Membership provides a great opportunity for government agencies and departments, corporates and organisations and institutions like universities to develop their communication staff. In short, to help their people develop the skills and knowledge, the understandings and the approaches that they need in today’S rapidly changing world of communication.
  • An organisation will join up a set number of Memberships – at a discount. The discount (off the $399 per annum membership rate) is 10% for 3-9 employees; and 20% for more than 10 employees.
  • In an overall sense, the organisation gets the benefit every day of the week of better educated, informed and professional staff who have embraced professional development.
  • If one or more of the staff members leave the organisation during the course of the Membership year, the organisation is able to nominate a replacement Member.
  • The previous employee would keep their PRIA Membership until renewal time, and then become responsible for future membership fees.

For the Members:

  • As a matter of course – and in addition to the courses tailored to each organisation – the PRIA delivers outstanding continual professional development opportunities to all Members across all facets of the PR and communication industry.
  • We also offer a broader spectrum of wider business content and issues which gives a well-rounded and multidisciplinary approach to enhance the careers of our Members.
  • As PRIA Members, the organisation’s staff are able to enter the Golden Target Awards. These national awards are open to PRIA Members and are the industry’s high point in achievements in the public and private sector.
  • A win in these Awards sets that organisation apart as the best of the best in the PR industry.
  • Members signed up as Organisational Members would receive all the Member discounts on all PRIA events including conferences, lunches, breakfasts, Workshops, MasterClasses and other professional development opportunities.
  • As PRIA Members, organisational staff would also receive special member-only benefits such as free Webinars that can be viewed either live or on demand.
  • Staff are able to use the Post Nominals – MPRIA and APRIA which denote a recognition of a respected place in the industry.
  • Local networking opportunities with other communication professionals and to have the opportunity to exchange ideas and create valuable connection. From the moment our Members join, they become part of the PRIA Community in every State and Territory – a group of likeminded professionals dedicated to ethical and best practice.
  • Members can also be part of industry and thought leadership. PRIA is dedicated to building the PR and communication industry through advocacy and thought leadership.
  • We advocate for our Members, uphold the highest ethical standards and are involved at all levels in the process of shaping the industry, particularly in the wider formal recognition of skills, abilities and our place in society and our partnerships with tertiary institutions in communication studies.
  • Access to free job advertising on the PRIA website for Organisational Members, we will help you recruit only the best candidates as our Members are dedicated to the profession and ethical and best practice.

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Last Updated: Mon, Apr 16 2018