Special Interest Groups

PRIA has established special interest groups (SIGs) for members to meet with other people who have similar interests and to exchange information.

National Special Interest Groups

At a national level there are two special interest groups:

  • The Registered Consultancies Group (RCG), which is a consultancy principals' forum for discussion and interaction, while increasing the understanding of their professionalism among target audiences
  • A group for new (or young) practitioners and students to sharpen their skills and get them ready to excel in the profession. Over the years a number of state-based groups have been established to cater for this group of members. During 2010 a working group of representatives from all existing state based groups has been established to discuss the establishment of a national SIG to share ideas and resources.

State and Territory Special Interest Groups

State division councils may at their discretion form state special interest groups. State SIG’s currently operating include:

New South Wales


South Australia


Western Australia

Last Updated: Wed, May 01 2013