What's the RCG Benchmarking Study?

Open to RCG members. The Annual Registered Consultancy Group Benchmarking Study looks into the operations of consistencies and provides metrics to assist agency owners manage their businesses.

With ten years of consecutive data, the RCG Benchmarking Study provides the most accurate picture of the PR agency sector and key factors affecting agency owners.

Each participating RCG member gains a personalised report comparing their results with the overall industry. Key metrics measured include:

a) Firm profile

1. Revenue compared to budget forecast
2. Changes to quantity of clients (broken down into retained and project clients)
3. Key industries using public relations (top 15) - based on clients
4. Key industries using public relations (top 15) - based on revenue
5. Annual business plan - frequency review
6. Specialisation
7. Client and billing profile
8. Apply a standard ratecard
9. Over serviced accounts

b) Staff profile
1. Salaries - average by grade
2. Salaries and superannuation
3. Average hourly charge out rates (actual $)
4. Range of hourly charge out rates (actual $)
5. Blended rate
6. Financial benefits provided
7. Financial benefits provided (by revenue band)
8. Financial benefits - top 10
9. Non-financial benefits provided
10. Flexible working options provided
11. Reasons for staff loss - where they went
12. Most effective retention tool previous year versus current year
14. Intention to hire new full time staff in next 6 months
15. Staff turnover (trend 2005 - 2008)
16. Staff recruitment methods
17. Staff recruitment methods - yielding greatest success
18. Billing targets
19. Staff productivity and business development
20. Frequency review staff
21. Perform first review
22. Survey clients

c) Key metrics

1. Measurement of media coverage

d) Professional services charges

1. Professional service charges - methods

e) Financial profile
1. Average target revenue growth
2. Financial performance profile
3. Bad debts
4. Credit checks on new client prospects
5. Professional indemnity insurance

The study continues to evolute to meet the changing needs of consultancies and to ensure the data collection is streamlined to make it easy and fast to fill out.

PRIA enlists market research firm Galaxy Research to conduct the survey to ensure complete confidentiality.

Galaxy Research is bound by the Market Research Society Privacy Principles.

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 14 2016