Why become an RCG?

Copyright Agency Limited

You are entitled to a fee discount of 10 per cent. RCG members aren't charged a copyright fee on your media monitoring bill if you hold your own CAL licence (which you should if you collect media coverage from anywhere - including a clipping agency). Make it known that you are an RCG to ensure you haven't been overcharged. Several members received repayments of more than $1000 last year once they let their media clipping agency know they held their own licence.

You are protected by a safe harbour if you inadvertently breach copyright. This means you will not be asked to pay fines and penalties by CAL. You will be required to become compliant of course and pay for licences covering any disputed items.


Benchmark your business

The Annual Registered Consultancy Benchmarking Study looks into the operations of consultancies and provides the metrics to assist you in managing your business.

Gain insights into average charge out rates, salary scales for staff by job title, client turnover rates, profit margins by industry and many more vital agency management statistics.

Each RCG that Participates in the benchmarking survey receives a personalised, confidential, externally prepared report benchmarking them against industry averages.

Help clients find you

PRIA’s RCG online consultancy directory is a one-stop-shop for potential clients who are sourcing a PR consultancy. Your business will be featured by specialty, industry and location, making it even easier for clients to connect with you.

On an international scale, the RCG online consultancy directory is also listed in the International Communications Consultancy Organisation’s (ICCO) agency directory. Potential clients consult the ICCO member listing to locate high quality consultancies internationally, creating a channel for additional business opportunities.

Show your commitment to ethical practice

The RCG seeks to ensure professional standards within consultancy operations which guide consultancy principals and their clients. RCG members are bound by PRIA’s Consultancy Code of Practice which deals with client relations, fees, income and agency practice as well as the ICCO’s Stockholm Charter and the Charter for Media Transparency.

Build a better business through training and events

PRIA supports and encourages consultancy principals and their staff to develop their professionalism as managers as well as public relations leaders. The RCG event calendar features networking events and best practice seminars culminating in the annual RCG Conference for consultancy Chief Executives.

RCGs also have the opportunity to improve their business processes and further enhance their professional credibility by achieving certification in the Consultancy Management Standard as well as access to proprietary industry research and knowledge, available exclusively to the ICCO community.

Free national workplace advice line.

As a member of RCG you can access free advice on national employment conditions, leave entitlements, termination of employment, wrongful dismissal internships, superannuation or any other workplace compliance and management matter.
The right advice is just a phone call away and can literally save consistencies thousands of dollars - Contact our office on 02 9331 3346 login details.

Networking with other PR consultancy owners

The RCG offers a forum for PR consultancy owners to discuss common problems, ask advice of each other, and learn from other agencies’ practice. As well as regular events, the RCG hosts a Closed Linked In Group so members can network without leaving their desks. offer

We Advocate on your Behalf

The RCG promotes the value of public relations and communication to government. To do this, PRIA addresses legislative and regulatory issues that affect the PR profession by making our position known on policies, inquiries and other government initiatives. Some of these include:

  • participation in the Fair Work Australia hearings regarding an application by the Media and Entertainment and Arts Alliance to create a modern award for the public relations industry. The full bench determined that a modern award was not necessary.
  • participation in the successful roundtable meeting to discuss the Federal Government's lobbying framework. The meeting was organised as part of the Government's commitment to keep the operation of the Lobbying Code of Conduct and the Lobbyists Register under constant review. Invited by Cabinet Secretary Senator Ludwig, the RCG was an active participant in the roundtable discussion.

Recognition of your consultancy as an industry leader through the National Golden Target Awards

The GTAs are the pinnacle of PRIA's and the industry's recognition of best practice in the public relations and communications. The much sought after gongs and certificates are awarded nationwide each year with 2016 celebrating the GTAs in its 40th year. The GTAs become prominent fixtures at the reception areas of our RCG members and along with your own business specific membership certificate, clients won't be able to miss seeing the great work that you do. You could be the next Consultancy of the Year!

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 20 2018