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Meet the Industry | 5 Minutes with Sharne Tierney

Monday 06, Aug 2018

Meet the Industry is an annual Queensland event where students, graduates, and young practitioners have the chance to network with expert speakers who have the industry-know how. Also known as the ‘brain trust’, these speakers will share their career experiences and top tips for getting ahead.

“I wanted to know everything – I entered the industry with no experience or qualifications.”Following our previous chat with Collin Myers, the PRIA team were lucky enough to catch up with Sharne Tierney FPRIA, Principal of STA Communication, who will also be part of the ‘brain trust’ for Meet the Industry tomorrow. Sharne opened up about when she first entered the PR industry.

Sharne had previously been in accounting before making her big move to PR. She admitted she was petrified to be found as an imposter. But 25 years later, she still feels like she doesn’t know everything.

“It’s our industry, there are so many different specialisations. There is never room to be bored!”

Sharne recalled the best advice she had ever received – it was from her boss at the time of moving industries:

“Just jump.”

At the time, Sharne was afraid to speak up in meetings. Her boss’ advice gave her the confidence to give it a go and believe in her own ability.

“Clients will certainly remember if you don’t speak. Always speak up – you have nothing to lose.”

Sharne concluded by stating everything is a learning process. The PR industry has taught her that things don’t have to be 100% perfect all the time.

To hear more about Sharne’s PR journey, join her at Meet the Industry Tomorrow – Tuesday, 7 August.

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Written by Madeleine Darcovich