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New Australian Survey Confirms the Era of Influencers is Far From Over

Tuesday 12, Jun 2018

The growing power of social media and influencer marketing can no longer be ignored with a new national survey finding almost 40% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they see a blogger or influencer posting about it.

It’s confirmation that the PR industry needs to continue its evolution down the social media path. It is no longer enough to secure our clients coverage in mainstream and traditional channels, there needs to be a strong social media element to the work we do as well. We need to acknowledge the reach and brand awareness that influencers and bloggers can bring, tailoring our messaging and campaigns to reflect that.

The State of Social Media and Influencer Marketing survey was commissioned by major Australian digital influencer marketing company The Exposure Co.

You can down load the full report here:

The survey is the first of its kind in the country, looking at how people use social media (up to three hours a day!) and what people really believe about influencers and bloggers.

One in four have now used blogger or influencer discount codes to make purchases, proving the model is working .. and growing!

The surprise for me was the sheer numbers who buy online: 70 percent researched online and more than half of those then bought online, a quarter on the same day.

The way we do this using our mobiles and desktops is also interesting showing the potential for businesses who employ a “mobile first” or “cross device” social media strategy. What the client’s website is like is now on my checklist before switching on any PR – what’s the point of getting people “in the funnel” if the technology is going to let you down. Client KPI’s are so often linked to sales and clicks but if that’s not working properly then how can you meet the brief?

The statistics will certainly be helpful pitching the benefits of social media campaigns in league with media coverage and also supports the case for influencer marketing as part of the PR tool kit.

By Jo Stone, Sticks and Stones PR.