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Golden Target Awards | Top tips for entering

Monday 10, Jul 2017

Below are some top tips from previous Golden Target Awards Winners

  • Address the Criteria for each Category

It sounds simple, but begin by reading the criteria, outlined in the Entry Kit and make sure to answer each question in your entry. The criteria is the Judges scoring guide so be sure to read and fully understand what's set out in the criteria. NB: stick to the word limit (1500 words excluding supporting documentation).

  • Make sure your idea is strong

Don't over complicate it - the best campaign identifies a problem and then comes up with the one idea around how to solve it.

  • Back your entry up with measurement data

Measurement data is becoming more fundamental to determining the success of PR and communication campaigns. It's not just about what happens afterwards - it's about setting SMART objectives at the start, being able to look at the performance of what you are delivering throughout, and optimising it as you go - that's where the real value is created. The PRIA Measurement and Evaluation Framework is your handbook to answering the criteria on measurement and evaluation metrics.

  • It’s really about the story you tell – and the strategy behind that story

Let the Judges know why your campaign should win that category

  • Do a sense test

Ask someone who isn’t close to the campaign to read it - you never know what you may have missed or how something could be misunderstood without having the background knowledge.

  • Be your own client

Read your entry as if you were advising your best client. Have you addressed all the elements to convince the Judges of the success of your campaign?

  • Keep it simple

Sometimes it pays to take a step back, think about the effort you've put into your work and what you'd like to put forward - and have a go!