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RCG UPDATE | 2018 National Leaders Forum Wrap

Friday 14, Dec 2018

The 2018 National RCG Leaders Forum held on 30 November examined the transition taking place from an industrial-based economy to a creative economy based on ideas with respect to why and how the PR industry can embrace creativity to remain relevant. Predictive data indicate rapid growth in the number of creative jobs over the next few years.

An excellent Keynote address on ‘The Creative Economy’ by Amy Maiden, Head of Business Development and Marketing for the Sydney Festival (pictured above), and a panel session on ‘Creativity – Skill of the Future’ discussed creativity and its role in the modern world; why creativity is increasingly becoming so important; and the exciting new business opportunities the creative economy will provide. The essential message was that creativity, along with knowledge and connection, is crucial to enable organisations to stay viable and competitive.

The Forum also recognised the importance of people, both staff and collaborative partners, in the creative process. In the panel sessions on ‘Attracting & Retaining Clever Creative Staff’’ and ‘Collaboration & Creative Partnerships’ the respective panellists shared their thoughts and experiences on how to attract, select and retain talented staff, and on what works and what does not work when individuals and organisations try to work together in collaborative partnership arrangements.

2018 PR Consulting Industry Benchmarking Study

Results of the 2018 PR consultancy industry benchmarking study announced at the annual RCG Leaders Forum in Sydney on 30 November show that communication consultancies are moving successfully into digital, social, marketing communications, design, advertising and other areas. Traditional media relations work accounted for only 51 percent of revenue in 2017/18.

Key findings of the 2017-2018 study indicate strong industry growth:

  • 13 percent growth in average consultancy revenue compared to 2016/17.  This is the largest annual revenue growth in the last ten years. 
  • Firms planning to grow are forecasting future growth of 15 percent on average.
  • 17 percent of consultancies are expecting to hire for executive leadership positions. 

The PRIA study has been conducted each year for the past 18 years to recognise trends in the PR industry and help consultancy managers better understand their own performance, and identify areas for improvement. The 2018 study was carried out by research firm YouGov Galaxy. 

Benchmark Program Manager, Adam Benson said, “This year we opened the study to non-RCG members for the first time to collect data from a greater cross-section of the Australian PR industry.  Also for the first time, we offered a scaled down version of the survey for firms with less than $1 million in turnover.

The report is available in the RCG Members Section of the PRIA website here.