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Growth - Take Care of Your Staff and They Will Take Care of Your Business

Tuesday 09, Apr 2019

The PRIA Agency Leaders Forum held on Thursday, 4 April explored the PR industry’s next growth horizon, the trends influencing leading agencies, and the key components for a successful growth strategy. 

Andy West, Chief Development Officer at Hotwire Global, and Jacquie Potter, Chief Growth Officer at opr Agency, shared insights into their agencies’ growth pillars covering marketing, services, products, innovation, geography and more. 

Pictured: Andy West, Jacquie Potter, and Shane Allison

A key component for both organisations was the use of partnerships between freelancers, other agencies offering different skill sets, and the media. Our industry is seeing agencies shifting towards operating in an integrated environment which allows content to be delivered to clients in a shorter time frame.

Andy explained that growth is a mindset. It takes a conscious effort to implement and drive your agency’s strategy. The opportunities are out there for the taking whether you want to tap into niche areas such as health technology; or to employ new staff to offer new and specific skill sets to clients such as video production. 

Jacquie encouraged agency leaders to look for white spaces. What was missing from your last campaign for a client? Does your agency have the capacity to address this gap or do you need to look into partnership opportunities or hiring new talent?

An important takeaway for agency leaders is that growth requires team commitment and the easiest way to ensure your team stays committed is to pay attention to their needs. Increasingly, staff are looking for flexible work hours, professional development opportunities, and perks such as gym memberships. 

Take care of your staff and they will help you to take care of your business. 

Written by Madeleine Darcovich