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Creatives for Bushfires: A call for agencies to support Australia’s communities in need

Friday 10, Jan 2020

Image credit: AAP/Andrew Brownbill (sourced via media release)

In the aftermath of Australia’s current bushfire crisis, countless communities across New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria will need the help of professional communicators, marketers, advertisers, creatives and digital platforms to help rebuild their livelihoods.

Creatives for Bushfires is a Facebook page created by Jane Metlikovec MPRIA, Founder and Managing Director of Upstride Agency. It is a page where agencies and professionals can pledge their in-kind support to help devastated communities throughout their rebuild efforts.

During discussion, Jane and her team realised the scale of this crisis requires industry-wide support compared to what could be provided by a small boutique agency like theirs. “Together we can help shattered people, business and communities by giving our skills,” said Jane. 

If you are an agency or experienced professional interested in donating your time and skills, please let us know via the Creatives for Bushfires Facebook page. 

If you are looking for an alternative way to contribute to the bushfire recovery, please consider donating to the organisations below: