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Important Update from the National President

Thursday 19, Mar 2020

As we are all very well aware, these are historic and concerning times for all of us, as we deal with the unfolding realities of a world trying to cope with COVID-19.

At PRIA we are committed to supporting you during these trying times, as your daily work routines and demands, potentially change and evolve.

Given our F2F events are no longer viable at this point in time, we are moving rapidly to develop and deliver a range of interactive webinars to bring you professional and realistic, advice and support.

Some of the COVID-19 specific issues we are looking to cover initially include:

•    Employer and employee rights and responsibilities in the light of changing work environments
•    Working remotely – tips and traps
•    Maintaining mental health in an increasingly physically isolated work environment 
•    Financial implications and resources for small businesses – what’s on offer, ATO tax relief etc

However, I would also like to hear from our members what your specific areas of concerns are and we will endeavour to find you the answers.

Please feel free to email the team at

Beyond the immediate COVID-19 concerns, we are also looking to deliver a broad range of training modules and I’ll update you on those shortly.

With our webinars, there will be a modest fee for members and non-members to access the discussions, but with PRIA’s ability to generate income through our normal events now severely compromised, I would ask for your patience and understanding that this is not an unreasonable ask.

I look forward to launching our first webinar very shortly.

In the meantime, please follow all appropriate and sensible medical directives to ensure the best health of yourselves, your team members and your families. 

Thanks for your support,


Leigh McClusky MPRIA
National President