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CCH Parliament - Discover the power that comes with knowing first

Monday 20, Jul 2020

It’s more important than ever to have access to curated information and alerts that are reliable, trusted and accurate, especially in the current COVID-19 climate and era of fake news.

Be the first to know, as CCH Parliament delivers comprehensive, timely and unbiased political information services direct from the Press Gallery, in Canberra.

The CCH Parliament team is focused on sifting through the influx of information to curate and prioritise what's really important to subscribers and deliver it as quickly as possible. Wolters Kluwer covers the big stories, but also the nitty gritty which may not be covered by mainstream media but is of critical importance to subscribers. This helps media, PR and communication professionals to stay up-to-date and informed given the fluidity of government announcements and legislative change which impacts Australian private and not for profit companies, as well as the public sector. Subscribers can choose from 36 topics and over 350 sub-topics to create customised alerts for their organisation.

Wolters Kluwer also provides political news, bill trackers, government directories and specialist services.

Expertise you can trust

With more than 50 years’ of combined experience in political and regulatory environments, domestically and abroad, you know you can trust the specialist CCH Parliament team. 

“When I started out in this business 20 years ago it was pre-internet. Believe it or not our alerts used to be hand delivered in envelopes. Today we’re providing carefully curated daily email alerts and we have more than 20,000 followers on Twitter who turn to us for political alerts.”
– Michael Anderson, Operations Manager, CCH Parliament

An insider’s perspective 

When a major story breaks, you can feel the buzz in the Press Gallery at Parliament House in Canberra.

To bring this story to life, Wolters Kluwer has put together a short video to highlight the value they deliver to their subscribers and the important role they play to help clients proactively understand, navigate and influence the dynamic Australian political landscape.

To learn more about CCH Parliament, visit their website or contact Wolters Kluwer to request further information.