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The Australian Communications Advocacy Group (ACAG) calls for your help

Friday 11, Sep 2020

Late last week we shared the good news about the Senate inquiry into the Federal Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package. The inquiry means that as an industry, we have a chance to have our say publicly on this important issue, and let the parliament know how this legislation will damage our profession.

There are a number of ways you can help. We appreciate this is a busy time for our industry, so the Australian Communications Advocacy Group (ACAG) has tried to make it as easy as possible for us to help fight this significant and unjustifiable university fee hike.

Take action between now and 25 September when the inquiry concludes:

  1. Write to your local member or one of the cross-benchers. Use this letter template to write to your local Member of Parliament, or even better, one of the cross-bench senators who will decide what happens with this issue. The ACAG has also prepared proof points you can personalise to focus on how this affects you, your family, friends or industry.

  2. Share your opposition on social media. Share these social media assets on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and encourage your colleagues and friends to take action. A post with the representative tagged via social media pressure, reaches directly out to the senator!

  3. Share our media release on social media and/or with your media network. Share the media release: Advocacy Group Welcomes Senate Inquiry Into Federal Government' Discriminatory Changes to University Fees, on your social channels and/or with your media network so we can generate some media interest. There’s no harm if a journalist is contacted by multiple people. It shows there is a tsunami of opposition out there.

What happens next?

Once the ACAG’s Senate inquiry submission has been made it will be reviewed by the Senate Education and Employment Committee. The ACAG will then prepare to attend a public hearing to provide further evidence to defend our submission. The inquiry concludes on 25 September.  

For more information

For more information about the ACAG and our campaign, check the ACAG website or contact the PRIA National Office at