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The 12 Marketing Matters that Matter in 2020

Monday 28, Sep 2020

This article is written by Andrew Baxter. Andrew is a Chair of the Commtract board. This article first appeared in The Australian on 20th February 2020.

1. Brand Trust.

Trust with customers is won in drops and lost in buckets. The small incremental surprises and delights for customers soon add up, as does dealing with issues genuinely and quickly. Trust fuels integrity, and integrity is the second-biggest driver of excellent customer experiences according to a recent KPMG report. Delivering on promises and doing the right thing are the major contributors to building trust, according to Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer.

2. Launch of 5G

As marketing becomes more personalised, particularly through smartphones, the ability of 5G to analyse more data from more places more quickly, will provide brands with even better opportunities to engage with their customers. Particularly when 5G will unlock the power of data from IOT devices such as beacons, buttons and smart chips. But 170 million 5G phones around the globe by 2021, along with more than 25 billion IOT devices, will make it a reality at scale.

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