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Outsourcing could reshape the media and marketing workforce

Monday 23, Nov 2020

By Kate Russell, GM of Business Development at Commtract.

The future of work is promising no bureaucracy, flexible hours, amplified innovation, productivity and enthusiasm. It won’t come in the form of unicorn employees, or star executives with a corner office – this workforce will look very different, but it might just appeal to everyone.

Over the last decade, many employees have looked wistfully at the perks offered by tech giants in Silicon Valley with their multi-coloured bikes lining Google’s entry – a symbol of the work/life balance we all aspire to (or at least the illusion of a work/life balance). Before the onset of COVID-19 in March, this alternate reality with boundless flexibility and autonomy was a privilege only for the young tech-elite.

However, over the past nine months we’ve all had the opportunity to adopt this work-life balance, as employees from businesses large and small were required to work from home.

Having experienced the benefits of remote work, from increased productivity and more time with family, even traditionally rigid organisations are now considering a permanent distributed workforce made up of full-time and contingent workers.

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