A look into the watch-works of news media with Sushi Das

Mon, Oct 17 2016

Awarded journalist and former opinion editor of the Age, Sushi Das, delivered enlightening insights and useful tips to PRIA colleagues during a breakfast at PPR’s stunning offices in Melbourne’s iconic old George’s building.

Sushi discussed emerging digital trends in news media, the impact on quality reporting, and how anyone seeking space and a voice in the modern media landscape can maximise their chances.

If you are looking to get heard and read when you submit op-ed pieces “make sure you actually have an opinion” rather than just a discussion, she said. Drive that opinion without wavering, argue your case, and use facts as seasoning not the whole meal.

Victoria’s new PRIA President, Alex Messina, thanked Sushi. Alex has said he will drive for higher membership through more provocative and instructive events, and wants to with engage members to learn what they want more of.

He invites individuals to put ideas to Council that they’d like to pursue. “I know many of us are really busy. I want members to feel they can work with their Council one-off, drive an idea, and when completed they don’t have to have an on-going commitment,” he said.

Alex says he would also like to see a resurgence of mentoring of younger practitioners, and will seek a deeper engagement with Fellows.

He wants to see PRIA’s visibility increase as an expert organisation.

He also wants to open discussion among colleagues about the meaning of modern “public relations”, and whether our professional definitions and terminology is up to date.

Victorian PRIA President, Alex Messina (Left) and Guest Speaker and former Opinion Editor of the The Age, Sushi Das.